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Good news, we are finishing our transition away from the “temporary” domain name,, that we’ve been using during the new site implementation.

Bad news, there might be a short downtime during the switch-out. This could mean that the blog and/or forum may be inaccessible for a short amount of time. We do not anticipate any problems, and in a worst-case scenario, downtime should be less than 2 days.

I’ll keep you all updated here on the blog. Any questions, feel free to email Chris. Thanks! :)

Update! The transition is complete, and all content should be finished with its migration.

The blog theme is currently broken, I’m working to wrestle that back into place. The rest of it should be working.

THANK YOU ALL for your patience during the transition. If you see things that still refer to the old domain name, please send me a comment on this post, or email me, or contact me the forum. Thanks guys!!

The next gathering of the Lincoln Lagers will be on the traditional first Thursday of the month, FeBREWary 5th, 2009. We’ll start at 7:00 pm. The tentative meeting agenda will include resurrecting the Challenge with the OmaHOPs, bus trip ideas, and possibly a sampling of Irish red ales. Seeing how many of you will be brewing (or probably have brewed by now) a red for the next Lazlo’s BeerQuest, we thought this could be a good opportunity to sample this style.

Directions: Head south on 70th Street, past Pioneers. Turn west on Forest Lake, then north on 69th to Summerset. Turn left to the clubhouse. Park in the parking envelopes.

Directions to Jim's

Directions to Jim's

Mr. Josh Ames is our new president for 2009. Running on a “don’t let your meat loaf” platform, he promised that “Change in the Lincoln Lagers doesn’t start from the top down. It starts from the bottom up… just like those little bubbles rise to make a foamy head, I can be foamy too.” Terry Schwimmer will continue on as club treasurer and Chris Evans – with continued support from Brian Allison and Kim Theesen – will work on the website. Kim T. will also revise the Brew News schedule to a quarterly publication starting with March’s issue.

Thanks goes out to former El Presidente Jim Hust for his service in 2008 and to Brian & Janet Allison for hosting the January meeting. Lots of food and good beveages were enjoyed by all. For a complete run down on who brought what, check out the Lincoln Lagers forum. Oh, and it’s time to renew your membership! Contact Schwimbo and send him your money – Still only $25. Or you can give it to him at the FeBREWary meeting. Watch this blog for more details!

Brewing Stooges

The first meeting of the New Year will take place at the home of Brian and Janet Allison. The date is Saturday, January 10th. It will be a pot luck, so bring along something good to eat … and drink. We’ll also take membership renewals and elect new officers. Maybe you!?!

At NovemBEER’s meeting, we voted to use club funds to buy pizza for our DecemBEER meeting!

  • El Presidente’s Clubhouse
  • Thursday DecemBEER 4th
  • 7:00pm

Topic is Kegging 101.


If you are a bit confused by the domain name, don’t worry. is one of my spare domain names, which I used for setting up the server space and testing the new design. As we iron out the details in transitioning the web site to its new home, you should see the test domain name disappear from most places.

Once the transition is complete, everything will once again refer to In the meantime, thanks for being patient with us during construction, and a BIG thanks to Brian Allison for all of his help behind-the-scenes in transferring the site over.

Have you RDWHAHB’ed yet today? :)


The Monthly Meeting is scheduled for the first Thursday of the month, Novembeer 6th. We’ll be at BBQ4U at 7 o’clock. Come hungry. Details and directions will be coming in the next issue of Brew News, or you can hit the Map on BBQ4U’s site.

No exact date/location has been set for November’s meeting yet – please keep checking here to see when and where we are going to meet up!

Hi Folks!

The new site is slowly taking shape! So far, I’ve got the blog and forum both created, and the main frameset page put together.

I still need to fine-tune the navigation bar in the above header, and also, keep transferring files from the old server space. Until then, most of the Navigate: links above aren’t going to work.

Feel free to visit the new forum – it’s currently empty, I’m looking into whether we can migrate our old threads or not. You will need to create a new forum account, but that should only take a moment.

In the meantime, if you see anything that is drastically out of place, please tell me. Thanks very much!

10/14: Newsletters is online!

10/15: Narrative is online! (History drop-down -> Narrative, OR click “About Lincoln Lagers” under “Pages” in the blog.

10/16: Forum is fixed – bug was not allowing New Threads to be created. Forum Theme is now in place. Custom forum header is in place. Manually transferring the old blog updates is in progress.

This is a placeholder for the new Lincoln Lagers’ website. The old site is not happy, so the new site must go up. Work in progress, check back soon. Also watch for the old Blog posts to start popping up.

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