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Tickets are SOLD OUT for the 2012 Lincoln Lagers bus tour: Lawrence, Kansas!


We’re traveling in a very comfortable bus chartered by Arrow Stage Lines, equipped with a restroom, and several seats reserved for everyone’s kegs and coolers.

Tickets are SOLD OUT!!! $40 for current Lincoln Lagers members, and $50 for non-members.


We have a great schedule already planned with the following stops:

1) Tour ofFree State Brewing Company (Production facility)
Watch out for their Quadrupel, don’t let it pull a fast one on you!

2) Visit 23rd Street Brewery
Don’t miss their Crimson Phog, the 2007 G.A.B.F. Silver Medal Winner in the “Irish Style Red Ale” category.

3) Massachusetts Street “free for all” including Free State’s pub location, Angler’s Seafood House, Dempsey’s Irish Pub, and plenty more…
(In other words, this is an unguided period of time, set aside for drinks and dinner, where you can walk between numerous nearby pubs and shops to explore whatever YOU want to!)

4) And finish off with a stop at a great bottle shop called On the Rocks, where you can stock up on beers distributed in Kansas that you can’t find back home!


We leave Lincoln AT 8:00 AM. Please note, we did not say to pull into the parking lot at 8:00, unpack your trunk, load onto the bus while we wait for you.

WE ROLL OUT AT 8 SHARP. If we leave Lincoln late, it puts us behind schedule on *every* other event we have lined up.
For best results, you will want to get there by 7:45am, get settled into a bus seat, introduce yourself to anyone you haven’t met yet, and think about which beer you want to open first.

We return to Lincoln around 10:30 pm, but that time is just an estimate.
If you have a ride coming to pick you up, let them know that our return time is contingent on how long the trip back takes, we could be early (psh!), or we could be returning later than 10:30pm (much more likely). If you need to contact your ride, make sure to bring your cell phone or other messaging device.

More Info:

This is always a blast and a club favorite event.

Tickets can be purchased through PayPal to make life a little easier for you (send an email to iasanlee at for more details) and will be available for purchase in person by Cash or Check at the January Meeting at the Allison’s house, and the February Meeting at Lee’s Chicken.

As always, there’s more information on the Lincoln Lagers Forum!! The Bus Trip forum thread is here.

Remember, there are a limited number of seats available, and when the bus is full, it’s full baby! Buy your tickets NOW before they’re gone!


Tips for riding the Lincoln Lagers Bus:

  • Consider bringing a reusable tasting cup, whether glass or plastic, to cut down on the number of disposable cups we use. Our logo’s yellow but we try to be green!
  • We take this opportunity to share brews amongst our fellow home brewers. Some of these brews will be strong. Some of them will be ridiculously strong. The bus trip is a time when many of us raid our bottle cellars, pick out rare gems, whether they be oaked, smoked, bugged, soured, or just hopped beyond reason. If you are not careful, you will be drunk sooner than you expect to. Plan ahead. Bring some tums, some crackers, whatever it is you need to stay on the level.
  • Drink lots of water. Before, Throughout, After.
  • Don’t forget to feed yourself. It’s easy to trick your body into thinking that beer IS food, but you need some solid stuff in you as well.
  • If the bus is filled to capacity, things can get rather, um, “intimate” between us. That means elbows in personal space, occasional smells, etc.
    Consider choosing foods and snacks that won’t become ticking time bombs in your gut, as you don’t want to fumigate your fellow brewers, or to be fumigated by them.
    And likewise, leave the particularly-strong colognes for another day, with better ventilated spaces.
  • “Pack just enough to get by, but bring everything you need.”
    Simple, right? But, consider that space -could- be at a premium if we sell out our tickets. So if all of your bottles fit in your smaller cooler, don’t bring the 80 Qt. monstrosity, bring the smaller one.
    Likewise, expect the equally well-filled on the way back, as all of our souvenirs and take-home beers will fill in the gaps left by the bottles we emptied earlier in the day.
  • You’re welcome to bring a snack to share on the bus ride! Pass it on down the aisle!

And lastly…

  • Drink responsibly, enjoy each others’ company, and have fun!

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