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Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015
Time: 1:00PM-5:00PM
Place: Ploughshare Brewing Co., 1630 P Street

Please come join us for the 2015 Lincoln Lagers Big Brew Day & May Club Meeting!

Matt, Brendan, and Chris will mash in a regular size batch of Farm Boy Cream Ale on Sunday morning — Then, once the mash is finished, we will offer up to 30 six-gallon batches of wort for our homebrewers to impart their creativity upon. The remainder will be boiled up & hopped as usual in the Ploughshare boil kettle. So, it’s a BIG big brew!

You will set up your equipment inside the Ploughshare Brewery during this event, so there’s no worry of being rained out.

We will provide a table for Pot-Luck Appetizers & Snacks – please bring something to munch on & share with your fellow brewers!
(We must ask that you confine all outside food & drinks only to the Brewery area – you may not take it with you into the Taproom.)

Club Meeting:

At around 4:00 PM, we’ll hold our monthly Lincoln Lagers Club Meeting to talk about our announcements & club business. All Lincoln Lagers members & interested guests are welcome to the Club Meeting, even if you are not brewing beer with us!


You must be a 2015 Lagers Member to claim wort for the Big Brew – Each 6-gallon share of wort costs $10.
Not a member? $40 will take care of your 2015 membership dues AND your wort.
To start out, each member may sign up for only one (1) share. On Sunday 4/26, we will open it up for anyone who would like to claim a second share of wort in order to brew 10 gallons.

Wort Info:

The grain bill for Farm Boy produces a post-boil wort gravity of approx. 1.048, and is very pale in color – 2-3 SRM.
Each registered Big Brew participant will receive approximately 6.0 gallons of mashed wort, which has not been boiled or hopped.

Wort Sign-Up:

Please go here to claim your share of Big Brew Wort:

If you do not have a Forum Account, or cannot remember your password, please email Chris Evans or message him on Facebook.

Supplies / Equipment:

Each brewer should bring their own kettle, burner, and propane tank – a clean fermenter to collect their wort – any hops, adjuncts, spices, etc. desired – and will provide their own yeast.

At least a few homebrewers need to bring some garden hoses, hose splitters, and wort chillers – but not everyone needs their own (share with your neighbors).
Please post on the forum what wort chilling-related items you can provide.

Approximate Schedule:

12:45 – 1:15PM – Arrive / unload gear / set up / line up empty fermenters

1:15PM – Wort distribution in progress

1:30 – 3:30PM – Brew Day in progress – boil, hop, and chill your wort.

4:00PM – May 2015 Lagers Club Meeting

4:45 PM – Tear Down & Clean Up – Volunteers welcome!

The Big Brew Beer Contest:

We are bringing back the Lincoln Lagers Challenge for this year’s Big Brew! Take the base wort and do whatever you want to with it – the sky’s the limit!

Then, you’ll ferment and package your beer, and bring it with you to the (June or July – TBD!) Club Meeting, where we’ll set up a table for folks to taste and judge Challenge Entries.  Between now and then, we’ll work on lining up prizes for the top three Challenge Beers!

Thank you!

Thanks to Matt Stinchfield, Brendan McGinn, and Ploughshare Brewing Co. for hosting this event and letting us participate in your brew day (and for participating in ours!).

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