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Annual ‘Learn To Homebrew Day’ Demo & Homebrew Equipment Swap Meet
Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Zipline Brewing Co.
2100 Magnum Cir., Suite 1
Lincoln, NE

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Google Maps:

Directions: Go to West O St. & S. Coddington Ave. Turn South on Coddington, go forward one “long” block to Magnum Cir., then park.
There are two parking lots (one with many spots marked Reserved, be cautious), as well as some on-street parking available. There are also bike racks to lock up at.


AHA Learn To Homebrew Day – All-Grain Demonstration

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Zipline Parking Lot/Receiving Door

Come watch an All Grain Brewing Demonstration live, outside on the Zipline parking lot!

Chris Evans, Bill Luhman, and Sam Bates will be brewing a 10 Gallon All-Grain batch of homebrew using a single infusion batch sparge technique. Come watch us brew and learn All Grain techniques!

Recipe TBD.

The taproom will be open to us during this event, so come grab a pint of tasty Zipline beer – but, PLEASE keep your beer indoors and on the patio only!! (Do not carry beer out into the parking lot!!)

Demonstration Schedule:

  • 11:00AM – Mash In Grains
  • 12:00PM – Drain Mash Tun
  • 12:15PM – Sparge Process (1-infusion, Batch method)
  • 12:45PM – 1:45PM – Boil wort & add hop additions
  • 2:00PM Chill wort & rack into fermenters


Annual Homebrewers’ Swap Meet

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Zipline Patio
(In case of rain, we will move under the awning and/or indoors)

“Final Call” to cash out seller tabs at 2:45PM. If you need to leave early, speak with the cashier’s table and together we’ll figure out how to proceed.

Any current Lincoln Lagers Members may sell their goods.

Everyone is welcome to shop for homebrewing gear at the Swap Meet whether or not you are a member!

Detailed Swap Meet Rules/Policies:

1. Sellers: You must be a 2013 (or 2014, I guess!) Dues Paid member to sell items at the swap meet.

2. Buyers: Anyone can buy items at the swap meet. Please bring cash ONLY!
(Personal checks considered on a case-by-case basis–for example, if someone is selling a rather expensive item, such as a conical fermenter, kegerator, or a fancy kettle, writing that seller a check may be appropriate, but we will handle that if it arises, and we intend to accept only CASH for all sales unless otherwise arranged!)

3. Club’s Cut: The club will take a 10% cut of each seller’s final total sales. Not per item or per sale, but one flat amount for the full day. If you sell less than $10.00, the club’s cut is a flat $1 bill.
Each item that you bring needs to be clearly marked with a Sell Price and either your initials – or if you share initials with another club member, your Last Name or other identifiable info. If your items are not marked, we will have Masking Tape and Sharpie markers available for you at the event to write out price tags for your items.

4. Negotiating:
If you want to negotiate a lower price with a buyer – for example, if they are buying an assortment of items from you – you MUST be present to negotiate with them. The Cashiers cannot negotiate any prices! Once you “make a deal”, please write a new price tag using Masking Tape, or else talk directly to the Cashiers to inform them of the deal you agreed upon.

5. Sellers: DO NOT COLLECT MONEY. Period.
All sales are to be collected by the Cashier Table and will be recorded in the spreadsheet.

6. Cashing out:
You can cash out whenever you are done selling your items and ready to go home. We will go through the spreadsheet and copy each sale that you made onto a Cash-Out Receipt. Then, we will figure out how much the club’s cut is, and we will pay you the rest in cash.

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