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The Sower’s Cup
Homebrew Competition

Sponsored by American Beer Equipment


October 20th & 21st, 2017

BJCP Registered Competition
Open to any U.S. Residents 21 years of age or older

The Sower’s Cup is a Participating Event in:
High Plains Brewer Of The Year 2017 Circuit
Midwest Homebrewer Of The Year 2017 Circuit
Organized by the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club of Lincoln, Nebraska


Friday, 10/20 – Boiler Grand Hall, 129 N. 10th Street

5:30 Judge Check-in
Dinner served – Sponsored by Lucky Bucket Brewing Company – Featuring a pre-judging Pro Brewer Guest Panel discussion on Barrel Aging beers!! Includes BBQ dinner for volunteers prior to judging.
6:00 Barrel Aging panel
7:15 Judging Round Begins

9:30 Homebrewers’ Social Hour

Saturday, 10/21 – Boiler Grand Hall, 129 N. 10th Street

7:30 Judge check-in
Breakfast – Sponsored by Scratchtown Brewing Company, coffee by The Mill – featuring a presentation from homebrewing legend John Palmer!! Includes free breakfast for volunteers prior to judging.
8:00 John Palmer presentation – courtesy of Brewers’ Publications
9:00 Morning Judging session begins

11:00 A selection of Boiler Brewing Company beer will be available for sale in the hallway.

12:00 Judge check-in
Lunch – Sponsored by Moran’s Liquor Works
Brewers In Arms “Deception” beer tasting: For Brewers in Arms challenges, we group brewers together into teams and assign a task to complete together – requiring them to combine their ideas, ingredients, equipment, and techniques to brew a unique batch of beer and share it with the club! Our teams were asked to brew a Fall German lager-style beer of their choice, using a club-supplied yeast strain and fermented on a tight time-table and at ale temps.
1:00 Announcements/Afternoon Judging session begins
4:30 BOS Judging Session (Private)

3:45 Beer & Cookie Pairing – Sponsored by The Happy Raven & Kitchen Sink Cookie Company

6:00 Beer Pairing Banquet – Sponsored by Blue Blood Brewing Company

7:45 Awards Ceremony
Presentation by American Beer Equipment – Event Sponsor
Raffle Winners Announced
Medal Winners Announced
Friend of ABE and Homebrewing Legend of the Year Awards

Special awards:
150 years of Corn: Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial Celebration – Sponsored by
Kirk’s Brew Corn Contest Winner
Cider Best of Show – Sponsored by Glacial Till
Mead Best of Show – Sponsored by Presage Analytics
Beer Best of Show – Sponsored by Zipline Brewing Co.

9:30-10:00 After Party



Online Registration Portal:

Entry Limit Reached! — New Entry Registration is CLOSED as of September 20th, 2017!!

To  update your beer information, print an entry label, or pay your entry fee: Please log in electronically through our BCOE&M Portal at




Shipping Your Entries:

Please refer to this page:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at



Entry Categories:

We are accepting entries in all categories – Beer, Cider, and Mead – using the 2015 BJCP Beer, Mead, and Cider style guidelines.

We will provide feedback using standard written BJCP Scoresheets.

For more detailed entry information, refer to this page: Entry Limits




The Zipline Brewing Co. Best Of Show in Beer Award:

Celebrating the best of the best of the best! The best entry from each judging table will advance to Best Of Show, and will be sampled by our esteemed panel of expert beer tasters – After evaluating every table’s selection, they will determine which beer reigns supreme and wins the 2017 Sower’s Cup beer trophy!

The overall winning beer entry will receive a custom Best Of Show trophy, in addition to a prize package!

Thanks to our friends at Zipline Brewing Co. for sponsoring the 2017 Best Of Show-Beer contest!



Best Of Show in Mead:

The overall winning beer entry will receive a custom Best Of Show trophy, in addition to a prize package!

Sponsor coming soon…



The Glacial Till Vineyard Best Of Show in Cider Award:

The overall winning beer entry will receive a custom Best Of Show trophy, in addition to a prize package!

Thanks to our friends at Glacial Till Vineyard for sponsoring the 2016 Best Of Show-Cider contest!



Special Theme: The Kirk’s Brew “150 Years of Corn” Contest
Celebrating Nebraska’s 150th Anniversary!!

This special contest changes each year based on input from our club members. The 2017 special style category is “150 Years of Corn” – any and all beverages (beer, mead, OR cider!) made using corn are eligible to enter.

Please be sure to specify a base style when entering your beverage so judges can properly evaluate your entry. Judges are instructed to look for “evident or significant” corn character in each entry while still maintaining “a balanced flavor”, but the 150 Years of Corn entries will also be judged by the quality of overall beer presented as well.

The “150 Years of Corn” category is not eligible for the overall Best Of Show contest, but the winning beverage in this category will receive a special award commemorating their achievement. Entries may be submitted in regular beer/mead/ciders categories and in the Corn contest, but you must register these entries separately, paying both entry fees and shipping separate pairs of bottles for us to evaluate.

Sponsored by Kirk’s Brew of Lincoln, Nebraska! Support your local Homebrew Store!



The Boiler Brewing Co. Specialty Scale-Up Competition

Thanks to our friends at Boiler Brewing Co. for sponsoring this scale-up opportunity!

All Mini-BOS entries in Specialty beer entries are automatically entered in the Scale-Up competition!

The eligible 2015 BJCP categories include: Beer entered in Cat. 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34, plus all specialty Meads and Ciders.

The winning brewer will be invited to brew a scale-up batch at Boiler with Tim!

For more information on how to qualify for the scale-up, please visit the Scale-Up Competition page.



Featuring our 2017 Special Guest Speaker, John Palmer!


We’re tremendously excited to host accomplished author, brewing consultant, metallurgist, and dedicated zymurgist John Palmer at this year’s Sower’s Cup!

John literally wrote the book on homebrewing – it’s called How to Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time and there’s probably a copy of it on your bookshelf, right now!  He’s also the co-author of both Brewing Classic Styles and Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers.  

John’s mission is to improve brewing knowledge worldwide, so that everyone can brew and share great beer. His motto is “Brew Unto Others As You Would Have Them Brew Unto You.” Join us on Saturday, October 20th to hear what John has to share and to ask him questions!

Be sure to catch up with John at all of his other scheduled appearances during Sower’s Cup Weekend!



 “Friends Of ABE” Pro Brewer Guest Panel – Barrel Aging Beer:

Join us as a volunteer, judge, or steward at our Friday Evening judging session and enjoy a guest speaker panel and Q&A on the topic of Barrel Aged Beers featuring four local Nebraska craft brewers!

Tim Thomssen, Boiler Brewing Co.
Tyson Arp, Nebraska Brewing Co.
Kolby Wood, White Elm Brewing Co.
Mike Boden, Zipline Brewing Co.

Thank you to all of our guest panelists, we’re lucky to have you!! And thank you to ABE for sponsoring our educational panel!



The Happy Raven Cookie Pairing: 

Volunteers, judges, and stewards at our Saturday Afternoon judging session will be treated to a post-judging Cookie and Beer Pairing.

To get things started, our good friend Matt M. at The Happy Raven has curated four of his favorite beers for you to enjoy.

Each beer will be paired with a gourmet cookie dreamed up by Allison (our favoritest Grand Level VII Magic Cookie Wizard in the world!) over at Kitchen Sink Cookie Company!

Thanks to The Happy Raven and Kitchen Sink Cookie Co. for your continued support of The Sower’s Cup!



Sower’s Cup Grand Banquet Dinner & Beer Pairing:

Join us on Saturday for our annual Sower’s Cup beer pairing dinner – featuring an appetizer, entree, and dessert course, each paired with a special Boiler Brewing Co. beer!

Full Price banquet tickets are $35.00 each. Our Sower’s Cup Volunteers/Judges/Stewards receive a $5.00 discount for each judging session they work. Volunteers/Judges/Stewards driving more than 90 miles get an additional $10.00 off of their ticket.

This means if you judge all three sessions, your ticket price is only $20 (local) / $10 (90+ miles)!!!

Tickets will go on sale soon! Check back shortly…

To reserve your ticket, you’ll pay the minimum cost in advance ($20 local/$10 travel). When you check in at the Banquet table, you’ll redeem your judging session discount tickets (if any) and then we’ll settle up any balance you still owe us! Only 70 tickets are available!



The Sower’s Cup Awards Ceremony:

After the banquet dinner concludes, we will wrap up the week by announcing winners at the Sower’s Cup Awards Ceremony and Grand Prize raffle drawings, to be held in the brewery area from 7:00pm-10:00pm.

We’ll announce the winners of each category, as well as our Best Of Show winners. Results will be live-tweeted on Twitter via @TheSowersCup for those following us from afar.

We will draw winners for our awesome Grand Prize Raffle items, including generous contributions from our sponsors.

All Sower’s Cup volunteers, stewards, beer judges, Lincoln Lagers club members, competition entrants, and delegates from other Nebraska homebrew clubs are all invited to attend the ceremony.



Sponsorship and Our Current Sponsors:

The Lincoln Lagers are extremely grateful for all of the support we have received from our friends in the local community, craft breweries, brewpubs, industry and homebrewing equipment sponsors, and our volunteers. We’ve set up a special page to show our thanks and to provide you with links to each of their web pages. Please help us reward them for their efforts, and click on through to check them out!

Click here:

Thank You, Sower’s Cup Sponsors!!



Entry Judging Locations & Dates:

Pre-Event Judging Sessions:

Pre-Event Judging Session information will be published at the beginning of October.
Depending on our entry count & table sizes, early judging rounds might take place on the evenings of Tuesday 10/17, Wednesday 10/18, and/or Thursday 10/19. Watch for more information coming soon.

Friday & Saturday Entry Judging Sessions:

This year’s Sower’s Cup Homebrew Competition will be held on Friday, October 20th and Saturday, October 21st at the beautiful and historic Boiler Grand Hall, which is located in Grand Manse at 129 North 10th Street in downtown Lincoln.

Further details, including parking options, will be published soon.


Beer Judge, Steward, and Volunteer Information:

Please visit this link for judging & stewarding information:

Judge, and Steward Sign Up Page

To assist us in a volunteer role, please sign up for your desired volunteer roles/shifts using this sign-up page:

Volunteer Sign-Up


Judging/Volunteering Perks:

All of our judges, stewards, and volunteers will be provided with delicious fare to reward them for their efforts.

– More specific meal details will be published later this summer. Stay tuned!

For each round that you work, you will receive raffle tickets to enter in our Volunteer prizes raffle.

We will also be selling tickets throughout the weekend for two additional prize raffles: our “Brew Swag Grab Bag” – a very large pile of merchandise and other brewing swag contributed by our competition sponsors – as well as our “Big Daddy Grand Prize Raffle”, which features massively awesome prizes.

One more thing: All judges/stewards/volunteers will receive a commemorative The Sower’s Cup Homebrew Competition beer glass to thank you for your contributions!



Parking & Lodging Information

Coming soon – To be announced.

For detailed information on parking downtown, where to stay, and our Beds For Brewers program, click here: Parking & Lodging



Facebook Event Page:


Twitter Feed:

Follow us at @TheSowersCup



Important Dates & Schedule:

Entry registration opens: 8/26/2017
Entry registration deadline: 10/1/2017

Entry Drop-Off/Shipping window opens: 9/4/2017
Last Shipping Delivery day: 10/6/2017
Last Entry Drop-Off day: 10/7/2017

All Entries must be received by 10/7/2017.

Unpacking Day: 10/9/2017 – 6:00pm – Location TBA.
Labeling Day: 10/10/2017 – 6:00pm – Location TBA.

Tentative Beer Judging Pre-Sessions: Tuesday 10/17, Wednesday 10/18, and Thursday 10/19/2017 – Times and Locations TBD.


Watch us on Twitter @TheSowersCup for live results!

These dates & times are always subject to change as we gain a better idea of how many entries, in what categories, need to be judged. We will do our best to keep the most current and up-to-date information posted here on this web page, at



Copied from

Event Details

Date: Saturday, Oct. 21st
Event Type: AHA/BJCP Competition
Entry Fee: $8.00
Entry Deadline: 10/01/2017



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