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September 7, 2019
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September 21, 2019
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October 11, 2019
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Full Post:

The 2012 Nebraska Shootout is in the books, and it was the closest battle yet. 4 clubs were in a tie for second, with everything coming down to the “Best Damn Beer” tie breaker (SOB’s, Kearney Area Brewers, Railroaders, & Elkhorn Valley Society of Brewers).

There were exactly 50 entries between 8 homebrew clubs, all from the state of Nebraska.

Points by Club:

1st Place- Lincoln Lagers (Lincoln) – 7 points
2nd Place- South Omaha Brewers (Omaha) – 4 points (1st place BDB)
3rd Place– Kearney Area Brewers (Kearney) – 4 points (4th place BDB)

Best of Show

1st Place- Brian Haas (Elkhorn Valley Society of Brewers) – 15A Hefeweizen
2nd Place- Tom Malowski (Railroaders) – 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rd Place- Tim Thomssen (Lincoln Lagers) – 14C Imperial IPA

Category 11 – English Brown Ale (8 Entries)

1st Place- Eric Hughes (South Omaha Brewers) 11C Northern Brown Ale
2nd Place- Chris Masek (Omahops) 11A Mild
3rd Place- John Rolag (Railroaders) 11A Mild

Category 14 – India Pale Ale (11 Entries)

1st Place- Tim Thomssen (Lincoln Lagers) 14C Imperial IPA
2nd Place- Brian Hoesing (Lincoln Lagers) 14B American IPA
3rd Place- Eric Hughes (South Omaha Brewers) 14B American IPA

Category 15 – German Wheat & Rye (10 Entries)

1st Place- Brian Haas (Elkhorn Valley Brewers) 15A Hefeweizen
2nd Place- Brian Hoesing (Lincoln Lagers) 15CWeizenbock
3rd Place- Mark Wethington (Kearney Area Brewers) 15C Weizenbock

Category 18 – Belgian Strong Ale (11 Entries)

1st Place- Tom Malowski (Railroaders) 18E Belgian Dark Strong
2nd Place- Mike Ripp (Kearney Area Brewers) 18A Belgian Blond
3rd Place- Kim Herald (Kearney Area Brewers) 18E Belgian Dark Strong

Category Best Damn Beer (10 Entries)

1st Place- Brian Collins (South Omaha Brewers) 23A Rye IPA
2nd Place- Chris Masek (Omahops) 13B Sweet Stout
3rd Place- Brian Hoesing (Lincoln Lagers) 16E Brett Blond w/American Dry Hops
4th Place- Shane Smith (Kearney Area Brewers) 12A Brown Porter

(Original Post follows:)

It’s that time again…. time for the Annual Nebraska Shoot-out Competition!

This year, the Lincoln Lagers are hosting the Shoot-out competition at Misty’s Downtown/Modern Monks Brewery on Saturday, April 7th.

We are shooting for a Noon start time. The event will take most of the afternoon, depending on how many beers are to be judged.

The Nebraska Shoot-out is an annual competition which invites any and all Homebrewed Beer Clubs from anywhere in Nebraska to meet up to compete for the coveted Shoot-out Cup trophy.

Scoring & Prizes:

Four BJCP categories have been chosen for judging. Those categories are listed towards the bottom of this page.

Club Entries, Judging Procedure, & Nebraska Shoot-out Cup Trophy:

Each club is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 entries per category.  Before the Nebraska Shoot-out arrives, each club will, if they so choose, hold a beer tasting and determine their best two home-brewed beers that will be entered in each category to represent their club.

The beers within each category will be judged against each other based on the style they were entered as. Judges will assign a rank to each beer within the style category. Overall scoring for the categories is based on a point system. 1st Place beers receive 3 points, 2nd Place beers receive 2 points, and each 3rd Place beer receives 1 point.

During the Best Of Show (BOS) Round, the top beer from each category will be re-judged against each other, and the beer that the judges deem to be most successful will receive the traveling Nebraska Shootout Cup and be declared the Winner of the 2012 Nebraska Shoot-out Competition.

Best Damn Beer Category & Rusty Capper Trophy:

There is an additional Open Category for “Best Damn Beer” in which any beer, regardless of style, may be entered.

The Best Damn Beer category does not progress to the Best Of Show round and does not earn points towards winning any one category, instead it is used to decide which homebrew club wins in case of a tie.

Whether we have a tie or not, the brewer whose fermented offering is decided the Best Damn Beer will receive the rare and super-cool Rusty Capper traveling trophy.  This trophy will look great on any mantle.

2012 Shoot-out Beer Styles Eligible:

Each homebrew club can enter a maximum of 2 Beers for EACH of the Categories below. Any club can enter up to 8 total Beers into the main judging round (2 beers x 4 categories = 8 beers).

Category 11 — English Brown Ale
11A. Mild
11B. Southern English Brown
11C. Northern English Brown

 Category 14 — India Pale Ale (IPA)
14A. English IPA
14B. American IPA
14C. Imperial IPA

 Category 15 — German Wheat and Rye Beer
15A. Weizen/Weissbier
15B. Dunkelweizen
15C. Weizenbock
15D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)

 Category 18 — Belgian Strong Ale
18A. Belgian Blond Ale
18B. Belgian Dubbel
18C. Belgian Tripel
18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
18E. Belgian Dark Strong Ale


Due to the venue being a restaurant, there will not be a potluck dinner this year. Sorry!
But Misty’s makes awesome food, so no worries about delicious nourishment!!

Entries – What To Bring & Where:

We will update this post soon to include important details such as:

  • How many bottles, and of what size, that you need to bring to the competition
  • How they need to be labeled, if needed
  • When entries are due, and where to take them

This information is not yet available.

In the meantime, you can still work with your fellow homebrew club members to do tastings and identify which two beers for each category that your club will be entering.


If you have a question about the Nebraska Shoot-out Competition, please send an email to so that we can assist you!

(Blog Post: Day Before Event)

The Lincoln Lagers are hosting the annual Nebraska Shoot-out competition at Misty’s Downtown/Modern Monks Brewery on Saturday, April 7th. This is TOMORROW!

By now, all of the clubs involved should have held a club-level tasting of their entries, and will have selected the top two beers in each category that they want to advance to the Shoot-Out to represent their club.

STEWARDS/JUDGES: Please arrive at Misty’s a few minutes before 11:30am to help set up & coordinate.

BEER ENTRANTS: Please turn in your bottles of entered beer at Misty’s at 11:30am.

GUESTS: You are welcome to join us at the Shoot-Out even if your beer did not advance! Please show up at 12:00 Noon or any time after then!


  • The $5 entry fee per club, per category to cover expenses.
    (ex: If your club enters 3 categories, it will be $15 total.)
  • 2 bottles are required for each entry (minimum 12 oz. each)
  • Entries for the Best Damn Beer (BDB)!

NO POT-LUCK THIS YEAR: Due to the venue being a restaurant, there will not be a potluck, but Misty’s makes awesome food, so no worries about delicious nourishment.

THE FULL COMPETITION INFO: is published on this page.

MAPS/DIRECTIONS: are in the forum thread, so are questions and discussion!

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