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Lagers, the 2012 AHA Big Brew is quick upon us!  Our very own hop abuser (aka Doug Finke) has agreed to again host this always-fun event on Saturday, May 5th.  We will be making our beer wort using the AHA’s posted Big Brew recipe called “Bucksnort Brown Ale“.

The Lincoln Lagers’ May 2012 Club Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Big Brew! We will be posting an exact start time for the Meeting sometime soon, once we have a better idea of our schedule for the day. Even if you do not participate in the Big Brew, please try to come out to Doug’s for the meeting portion of the day

EDIT: The Lincoln Lagers May Club Meeting will be held at approx. 2:00 PM


We will begin our brew-day at 8:00am on Saturday, May 5th, 2012 – or show up earlier, if you can help us with setup!

We will mash our grains together in Doug’s giant mash tun. At the end of the mash, each brewer that signs up will receive wort to fill their kettle to the appropriate pre-boil level that will produce 5 gallons of finished beer.

There will be 90 total gallons (meaning, about 110-120 gallons of wort pre-boiling) available, and you can sign up for wort in 5 gallon increments. The cost for your share of the grain bill is $19.00 per 5 gallons.

Reserving beer wort is first come, first served. You can request one 5 gallon share of beer per person up until April 28th, 2012. If we are not full by then, we will allow brewers to double-down and reserve another 5 gallons bringing their total haul to 10 gallons (and $38).
If you want to be on the waiting list for 10 Gallons, please make note of that NOW when you reserve your 5g on the forum thread!

 To sign up, post in the forum thread here:

As of 4/6/2012, about half of the shares of wort have been spoken for, there are approx. 45 gallons still available if you want to join us!

Ingredients: Once you receive your wort — EVERYTHING ELSE is up to you, the brewer.  Provide your own hops, herbs, spices, yeast, adjuncts, fruit, whatever (or follow the exact recipe on the link above). The sky is the limit – as long as it’s still made with the Bucksnort Brown wort that we mashed together!

Equipment: Please bring your own boil kettle, propane and burner, hoses, hardware, anything else you need during the course of your brew process – unless you plan to take the unboiled wort home as-is (you wild & crazy pioneer, you!!).

Wort Chillers: Facilities to chill your wort will be PROVIDED – you do not need to bring a chiller. However, host Doug has asked that at least a couple of brewers bring their immersion chillers with them, in order to have some extras on hand, and in case we need to do any closed-loop chilling in order to get our pitching temperatures low enough.

Okay so I have a batch of the Big Brew Beer. Now what?!

Any beers produced from our big batch of Bucksnort Brown Ale wort will be qualified for the 2012 Lincoln Lagers Club Challenge.

At a club meeting later this year, we will hold a tasting/judging for the Big Brew beers.

Votes will be cast, and the winner will receive a special opportunity – the chance to brew their beer with Brian and the team at Blue Blood Brewing Company!


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