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The return of the Lincoln Lagers Big Brew!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

– Mill grain & Mash-In at 9:00AM
– First wort comes out around 11:00AM??
– Blue Blood Brewery Tour & Lagers Demo at 1:00PM
– May 2013 Lagers’ Meeting at 2:00PM
– Wrap-Up around 5:00PM

Hosted by Blue Blood Brewing Co.
500 W. South St.

The Lincoln Lagers’ May 2013 Club Meeting will be held at 2:00PM during this event. Club members who aren’t brewing, please join us for the meeting if you can make it!

For legal reasons, this is considered a private club event. Guests are welcome, but need to notify us in advance that you will be joining us. You can do that by posting in the forum thread or emailing us at -at- All 2013 dues-paid club members are already on the guest list.

The Beer:

All interested Lincoln Lagers club members can reserve 5 Gallons (or more!) of mashed wort based off of a Pale Ale recipe provided by Doug Finke ( currently, our grain bill is 87% Pale 2-Row Malt, 8.7% Crystal 20L, and 4.3% Victory Malt, and should be around 1.054 OG and 6.6 SRM ). APRIL 30: WORT SIGN-UP IS CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who reserved wort!

We will mash in using the new Blue Blood brewing system and we can produce as much wort as is needed! We only ask that you reserve your wort ahead of time so that we know, as accurately as possible, how much grain we need to mash in with.

The price per 5-gallon batch of wort (roughly 6.5 gallons pre-boil, equating to 5 gallons post-boil) is only $10.00 per 5 Gallon batch!

Wort will be run-off from the large mash tun, but each brewer will perform their own boil session using their own brew gear from home.

The Logistics:

We’re being hosted by Blue Blood Brewing Co. (if you weren’t able to make either of our club meetings hosted there) who are located at 500 W. South St. – It’s easily accessible from Hwy. 77 or if you’re coming from central Lincoln, South Street will get you there, although you may have to wait for a train crossing.

Each homebrewer will need to bring their own propane tank, burner, kettle, etc. – we will set up in a long straight line running along with the floor drain in the Blue Blood brewhouse.

Folding tables and chairs will also be very helpful/useful, please bring one if you’ve got it.

We need a couple of club members to provide ventilation fans – if any of you have large shop fans / farm fans that you can bring, please get in touch with Chris via e-mail at -at- or post a note on the Sign Up forum thread.

And Something For Lunch:

The Big Brew is a fun gathering, but brewing takes a lot of time and energy – we’re going to need to eat some lunch, right?!

Please bring along your favorite pot-luck lunch dish, side dish, jar of pickled eggs, snack, appetizer, or dessert to share with the rest of the brewers!

The 2013 LAGERS CHALLENGE Contest:

It wouldn’t be a true Big Brew without an accompanying Lincoln Lagers Challenge!!

The rules are:

  1. You must use the wort provided at the Big Brew to produce your challenge entry.

That’s it. That’s all the rules we’ve got. Additional sugars, adjuncts, hops, yeasts, different processes, modifying temperatures, are entirely up to your discretion. Using the Challenge Wort provided to you, we want you to make the best damn beer you possibly can, and enter it to the Challenge Contest later on this year.

Challenge judging will take place sometime this summer – probably July or August meeting? Maybe September? We’ll post more about that in the upcoming weeks.

The Sign-Up List:

To reserve your wort, all you need to do is post on our forum thread at:

You do need to have paid your 2013 dues to be in on this year’s Big Brew day!
If possible, PLEASE sign up before April 30th so that we have a good idea of how many brewers will need wort! We don’t want to run short if we can help it – we want wort for everybody! APRIL 30: WORT SIGN-UP IS CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who reserved wort!

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