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Officer Election Results:

Congratulations to our new board of 2019 Club Officers – see the roster on our Current Members page!!

New Year Dues:

Join the club or renew your dues using PayPal – or settle up your tab in person at the next meeting!

Bus Trip Tickets On Sale Now:

Ride with us to Des Moines, IA on Saturday, March 9th! Buy your tickets online with PayPal here.

February Club Meeting:

Back to the usual routine: Thirsty Thursday, February 7th, 6:00pm at The Happy Raven, with meeting business to be held right around 7:00pm.

August Social Meet-Up at 1867 Bar

Sunday, August 26th – 3pm to 5pm

Take a minute to come hang out, see your fellow homebrewers, talk shop, and have a pint of local brew! We’ll be loafing around at 1867 Bar for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon, so come and leave as you please – No agenda! If you can’t make our monthly meetings due to a schedule conflict, this is a great opportunity to catch up with the club and say ‘hi’.

September Club Meeting

Thursday, September 6th – 6:30pm to 8:30pm
The Happy Raven, 122 N. 11th St.

This month’s Club Only Competition includes Category 6 (Marzen, Rauchbier, Dunkles Bock). To enter, go here. Bring your entries to Happy Raven by 6:30pm.

Members Only Oktoberfest Party

We are throwing our annual Club Picnic on Saturday, September 22nd, and in celebration of the club’s 25th Anniversary and the first day of Oktoberfest in Munich, we are going with an Oktoberfest theme this year!

Bring food and drink to share! Vote on your favorite Brewers In Arms beer! Enter the Annual Mead Contest! Dance to our polka band! Have fun!

Watch for more details in a Club Newsletter or pay attention at the next Club Meeting.

May Social Meet-Up

Join us this Sunday, May 20th for the “Casual Crock-Pot Social-Meet-Up” at Zipline Brewing Co. TAPROOM! We’ll get together from 1 PM to 3:30 PM!
(NOT at the BEER HALL – Taproom on West O / Magnum Cir.!)

Bring an easy-peasy, no-effort crock-pot / munchie / snacky type dish! We will have some (but limited!) electricity for those needing to plug in.

No need to go whole-hog here, just bring something you like to munch on to share! Club will provide plates & cutlery. If you choose to bring a soup, please bring paper bowls with you. Tip your bartender well.

Summer BIA Teams, you can pick up your club-issued Centennial hops at this event!

Homebrew Equipment Swap Meet!

Come out to Backswing Brewing Co. on Saturday, June 2nd from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM! If you want to sell stuff or give away stuff, come out right at 12:30 PM and get your wares set up! The Lagers will provide a few folding tables – If you are bringing a lot of stuff, please bring your own table to help us spread things out! There will also be a “Freebie Table” for any stickers, coasters, etc. that you want to give away.

Homebrewing gear – Empty bottles – Kegs – Growlers – Memorabilia – Brewing Ingredients – Everything’s welcome! (…Except your homebrewed beverages, that is!)

“Is there a cost?” NO!

Shopping for stuff? No charge! Selling less than $25 of stuff? No charge! Selling more than $25 of stuff? There is a suggested $5 donation to the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club treasury to help us pay for future fun events & educational sessions, but it’s not mandatory!

NO HOMEBREWS ALLOWED – But we’ll have Backswing beers on tap starting at Noon in their taproom, so take advantage of that LL Member Deals ID card discount and come see us! :-)

June Club Meeting

We will see you on Thursday, June 7th at The Happy Raven for our monthly meeting – Show up after 6 PM to hang around and shoot the breeze, meeting business portion of the evening will start at around 7 PM.

If you haven’t paid your dues yet, you’re a schmuck but we love you anyways – Pay Terry some money!!!

July Club Meeting

Mark your calendars – Due to the 4th Of July holiday, we will meet on the second Thursday of the month, July 12th, at The Happy Raven.

Same times as above. If you show up on Thursday the 5th, you might as well buy a beer and tip your bartender, but don’t expect the rest of the club to be there!

Presenting Brewers In Arms #8: “Keep It 100!”

It’s time for the next installment in the Brewers In Arms Project, where we group brewers together into teams and assign them a fun task to complete together, requiring them to combine their ideas, ingredients, equipment, and techniques to brew a unique batch of beer and share it with the club! We are looking for 12 to 20 people, who randomly assigned to teams together. Sign up today – Don’t wait around!

This Challenge’s theme is: Brew a beer showcasing Centennial hops, “inspired by” Founders Centennial IPA and/or Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.

We will provide the Centennial pellet hops. You provide the malts of your choosing + everything else! What exactly “inspired by” means is ultimately up to your team to decide! We do ask that you use at least 50% Centennial hops in your recipe, but you can include other varieties if you’d like to.

Want to participate? Sign up is now closed! Stay tuned for the next BIA Sign Up coming at the end of June!!!

Sign up closes on Sunday, May 13th! Teams will be announced on Monday, May 14th.

April Social Meet-Up at Empyrean

Join us for a fun social meet-up at Empyrean Brewing Co. on Wednesday, April 25th from 5:30 to 7:30pm – We’ll be hanging on the middle floor in the Employee Lounge in the Coffee & Spice Bldg.

More details to come soon.

May Club Meeting

We’ll see you at The Happy Raven on Thursday, May 3rd for our monthly club meeting from 6:00 to 9:00pm – the Club Business portion will take place at 7pm.

Five Brewers In Arms teams will be presenting their SMaSH beers, so come prepared to taste and vote on your favorite Single Malt and Single Hop beer, brewed with 2-Row plus a hop and yeast strain of the team’s choosing! Best beer’s team wins a little somethin’ somethin’. Tasting will run 6:30 to 7:30pm, results announced at 8:00pm.

May “Crock-Pot Social” at Zipline

On Sunday, May 20th from 1:00 to 3:30pm, come hang out with us at the Zipline Taproom on Magnum Cir. and bring a snack or dip or something to share!

No need to do anything super-fancy, we’re going for low-key snacks and stuff here: chips and salsa, artichoke dips, cheesy potatoes, cocktail weenies, cookies, you know… – Whatever kinds of hors d’oeuvres you like to munch on in the afternoon or early evening, at a party or watching the game, etc.

It’s that time again — We’re loading up the Beer Bus and heading to Omaha on Saturday, February 10th, 2018!

If you’ve already paid up your 2018 membership dues, then give your $20 bucks per seat to Treasurer Terry — Non-member attendees, it’s gonna run you $30 bucks per seat.

This year we’re requiring pre-payment for bus seats — Please be sure to pay Terry as soon as you possibly can, to reserve your seat! (PayPal links are at the bottom of this post!)

You can look forward to sleeping in, as we’ve planned a later start time this year since we’re just meandering up the road to Omaha.  We’ll begin to board the bus at the Indian Village Shopping Center (13th & High St.) at approximately 10:30am – Beware: we’ll leave the parking lot at 11am Sharp, so you’d be better be on board before then! Homebrew and bottle-sharing is welcome on the bus; but please pace yourselves, we’ll be going all afternoon. Make sure you’ve got a plan to get enough food & water in you so that you can keep it on the level.

We will begin our day in La Vista, NE with a brewery tour of Kros Strain, and we’ve set aside enough time for you to pop in next door at Pint Nine‘s taproom as well.

Our afternoon stop will be at Vis Major Brewing at 35th and Center.

We will end our day in the Blackstone District with brewery tours at both Scriptown and Farnam House, and feel free to stop into any of the fine taprooms at Beer Corner USA while we are there.

We aim to depart Omaha by 7 and return to Lincoln right about 8:00pm, so you can arrange your ride home right now!

Get on it – Reserve your seat TODAY!! Let’s go take Omaha by storm!

November Club Meeting

Join us on the evening of Thursday, November 2nd at The Happy Raven.

Homebrew is welcome (in the South room only – Do not take it with you up to the bar!). No outside commercial beer, please.

November Learn To Homebrew Day / Social Meet-Up

This year’s annual AHA Learn To Homebrew Day falls on Saturday, November 4th – Join us between 11AM-4PM at Turbine Flats (2124 Y Street).

This is a combined monthly Social Meet Up and our annual brewing demonstration event. Visit our Facebook event for more info.

No outside homebrewed beer is permitted, please!

December Club Meeting

Join us at Lee’s Chicken on the evening of Thursday, December 7th for our annual finger-lickin’ fried-chicken club meeting. (Tradition is tradition!)

Homebrew is welcome (in the Meeting Room only – Do not carry it out into the rest of the establishment, please!).

September Club Meeting

Our September 2017 club meeting will be held at Trent & Jennifer Konecky’s house on Wednesday, September 6th at 6PM.

All Lincoln Lagers members & emeriti are invited — We do ask that guests who are interested in a club meeting please email us first to let us know to expect you! Send a note to and introduce yourself, we’d love to have you join us.

Refer to the latest Newsletter or the Facebook event to find their home address.

2017 Club Pot-Luck Picnic & Mead Contest

The annual Lincoln Lagers Club Picnic will be held on Saturday, September 30th at 5PM. Our wonderful hosts Tim & Theresa Thomssen have invited us back again this year, so you know it’s gonna be a real party! This event is limited to our paid club members & their family members. Sorry, no guests.

Don’t forget about the annual Lincoln Lagers Mead Contest, held at the Picnic and judged by our lovely Lady Lagers! Bring one bottle (750mL or 22oz preferred) of your best and finest mead – Limited slots available, first-come first-entered, you snooze you lose, winner gets bragging rights!

If all goes according to plan, your 2017 Club Merchandise Orders will also be ready for pick-up! Come see Chris and get your sweet new swag!

October Club Meeting & Sower’s Cup Training

Our October 2017 club meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 4th at 6PM – in the Cafe at Turbine Flats, 2124 Y Street.  Parking is available in the lot immediately to the West of the building, on Y Street.

This will be a hands-on, education-heavy meeting! We will be experimenting with beer off-flavor tasting samples and will discuss flavors & exercise our Beer Judges’ palates!! Meanwhile, our stewards take will take a minute to prepare for their role in the 2017 Sower’s Cup Homebrew Competition, and go over stewarding procedures, competition rules, and so forth.

All club members are encouraged to attend & prepare for your role in the competition!! We need all hands on deck this year, whether you’re a National judge or you just want to help set up tables & serve food. Each and every one of you are a valuable part of our team!!


Join the Lincoln Lagers on Saturday, May 6th at ALPHA BREWING OPERATIONS!

We have space for 15 “head brewers” to bring their equipment, grain, hops, & fermenter and come brew with us!
Each head brewer is welcome to have a couple of assistant brewers helping run their station.

For the rest of the information you need to know & to reserve your spot in the brewery, click the page below!

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