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Highlights of Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club

Club History

Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club was conceived by a few home brewers in November of 1993. Our purpose is to foster an environment where club members can share ideas and knowledge, thus improving the fun and success of each member’s brewing experience. Our club consists of all levels of brewers, from novice to expert. We have both extract brewers and all grain brewers. If you have questions relating to beer styles, equipment, recipes, grains, brewing techniques, etc, ourclub is a great resource.

Each January, nominations are taken for new officers and voted upon; three offices are elected: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. These officers, along with input from the club, set the agenda for the year.
When it is deemed necessary, the officers can select club members to fulfill two non-elected coordinator roles, which distributes the administrative work-load across more people, and helps the club to run more smoothly. These roles are: Events Coordinator and Competitions Coordinator. The event coordinator helps to manage the details pertaining to each event the club participates in (Winterfest, Okto-Beerfest, Brews & Blues At The Zoo, etc.), and the Competitions Coordinator helps manage and communicate information about upcoming competitions which the Lagers are entitled to enter, such as the High Plains Circuit.

We hold monthly meetings and participate in special events through out the year. We are designed to be a family friendly club, that supports and educates brewers, and promotes safe and responsible consumption of beer.


We usually hold our club meeting on the first Thursday of every month, or on the first Saturday of the month, depending on our venue and activities. The most current information will always be published on the Lincoln Lagers web page.

Our monthly meetings move back and forth between private homes to public venues. Sometimes, that month’s event will dominate our entire agenda… for example, Mead-Making Day, or the Big Brew. However at a “normal” club meeting when the meeting agenda permits us to, we try to keep things interesting, by offering lectures or demonstrations of educational beer-related topics such as:

  • evaluating a particular beer style
  • observing yeast strain differences
  • comparing varieties of hops
  • building DIY gadgets or maintaining your beer equipment
  • diagnosing off-flavors in beer
  • …or any other topic that our members want us to talk about.

If you have a brewing related question you have been unable to get an answer to, or just want to see what the club is about, please come to one of our meetings! We would be glad have you.

Club Picnic

We host a club picnic every year. Spouses, siblings, and member’s friends are welcome. We typically schedule the picnic to take place in August or September, and the location alternates between members’ houses. The club supplies the meat and everyone brings a covered dish or side — and their homebrew, of course!

The club picnic is also home to the annual Lincoln Lagers Mead Contest — and we conscript our wives, girlfriends, and ladies within our club to lend their excellent palates to serve in the role of Mead Judge. These Lady Lager judges are very discerning each year, and are determined to select the Best Mead they possibly can! It’s rare that there’s any mead left on the table, once they’re done judging the entries. Winner simply receives bragging rights, and the satisfaction that your mead must’ve been really good.

Starting in 2012, the Lagers brought in live music from the Bolzen Beer Band, and we haven’t looked back since! We’ve truly turned this shindig up to ’11’, you can’t afford to miss it!!

Club Bus Trip

Each year, we charter a private bus and take a trip to visit one or more breweries in the region. We typically schedule this event in March. In past years, we have traveled to brewpubs in Columbus, Omaha, and Kearney, NE, Lawrence, KS, Des Moines, IA, and Kansas City, MO. Some of these trips have been joint ventures with the OmaHops Brew club. The trips are terrific fun, and very educational and interesting. We’ve gotten special behind-the-scenes tours, valuable brewing advice from some really big names in craft brewing, and more. Some members claim to still have recurring dreams of the amazing hops freezer at Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City.

Members of the club are given the first opportunity to claim their seats on the bus, before opening it up to the public to help fill the bus. When we can, the club subsidizes part of the ticket cost in order to offer a very reasonable price for our club members.

All Grain Demonstration

We try to hold a demonstration of All Grain brewing techniques (non-extract) at least once a year. Sometimes, this is as a part of the larger Big Brew activity. In 2011 and 2012, we held this demonstration on the front patio of the Downtown Misty’s restaurant – and in 2013, it moved to Zipline’s driveway. This is a great opportunity for new and old brewers, or even future brewers-to-be, to watch a brewday in action and to observe how fellow brewers produce their outstanding beers, You may even pick up handy tips to help streamline your own brewing process.

The Big Brew

We try to hold this event in May of each year, when it becomes warm enough to brew outside comfortably. Brewers bring their own boiling equipment, and we usually prepare a giant All Grain mash, split up the wort from it, and then we boil our wort on each of our brew rigs, while we hang out, eat, drink, and enjoy each others’ company.

This is an all day event, but you are welcome to drop in and visit for a while even if you’re unable to participate for the whole day. The brew club often provides some of the food for the event with members asked to bring side dishes, or snacks. This is a great opportunity for new and old members to see how fellow brewers produce their outstanding beers and to pick up handy tips to help streamline their own brewing process, to see the latest and greatest equipment, or to observe different brewing processes that fellow members use.


Participation in contests is not required of any club member. However, they provide an excellent venue to have your beer evaluated by independent BJCP certified judges.

In 2001, the Lincoln Lagers club and the Omahops club started an annual beer rivalry contest, called the Nebraska Shoot-Out. Today, this event continues as an inter-club competition held between the Homebrew Clubs across all of Nebraska.  There is a traveling trophy awarded to the winning homebrew club each year. There is also a traveling trophy for the Best Damn Beer (BDB) called the “Rusty Capper Award”.
Clubs that have participated with us in the past include the Brew Man Group, the Omahops, the Railroaders Brew Club, KAB (Kearney Area Brewers), Malt Masters (Columbus), Motley Brew Crew,and SOB (South Omaha Brewers). Past results for the Nebraska Shoot-Out are available to view online at

On a local level, the Lincoln Lagers participate in contests such as the Nebraska State Fair, and are usually well-represented in each Lazlo’s/Empyrean Ales Beer Quest event. We also host an annual competition exclusively for our club members, called the Lincoln Lagers Challenge. Our 2012 Challenge winner brewed his beer with Blue Blood Brewing Co. – his finished product was available on shelf in cans as a limited release!

We’ve been involved with other regional competitions as well, at events such as the KC Biermeisters, Hoppy Halloween, River City Roundup, and more. In past years, members of the Lincoln Lagers have entered in the National Homebrew Competition, have won medals at regional festivals across the United States, and have even brewed and entered a Pro-Am entry at GABF.

In 2014, the Lincoln Lagers are proud to announce we will be hosting our own invitational homebrew competition, The Sower’s Cup. It will be an addition to the existing High Plains Brewer Of The Year  and Club Of The Year competition circuits. More details are coming soon on this new event.

Becoming a Member

Our 2017 membership dues are $30.00 per year. We use these dues to pay for things like…

  • contest judging fees & shipping costs
  • club supplies such as banners and business cards
  • fun things like hiring the Bolzen Beer Band or buying a bunch of meat for the annual picnic
  • offering periodic free beer tastings at our club meetings
  • providing free annual membership incentives such as T-Shirts
  • offering decreased ticket prices for members on the annual bus trip
  • …and more!

Club members receive discounts from local businesses – Check out our Member Discount Program to learn more!

The EASIEST way to join the club is to COME TO OUR NEXT MEETING.

Once you get there, just look for the guy that looks like Tommyknockers’ mascot. That’s Terry, our club treasurer. Here’s a picture to help you find him:


Go back to the home page of the blog, or to the Lincoln Lagers Forum, and check where and when our next club meeting will be held!

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