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Update: Sept. 27, 2023

Thanks to these breweries for their scale-up opportunities!

Boiler Brewing Co.

Corn Coast Brewing Co.

Stone Hollow Brewing Co.

The top three entries in the following style categories are automatically advanced to their respective Scale-Up judging tables! 


Boiler Brewing Company

30. Spiced Beer 

33B. Specialty Wood-aged Beer

34. Specialty Beer 

Cider: All categories

Mead: All categories


Corn Coast Brewing Company

5D. German Pilsner

21A. American IPA

21C. Hazy IPA


Stone Hollow Brewing Company

21B. Specialty IPA

24. Belgian Ale

29. Fruit Beer


Category numbers’ source: The 2021 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines.

To register your beer in the 2023 Sower’s Cup contest, head on over to


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