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Updated Sept. 14, 2021

Thanks to these breweries for their scale-up opportunities!

Boiler Brewing Co.

Code Beer Co.


Stone Hollow Brewing Co.

The top three entries in the following style categories are automatically advanced to their respective Scale-Up judging tables! 


Boiler Brewing Company

21. American IPA 

33B. Specialty Wood-aged Beer

34A. Clone Beer

Mead: All categories


Code Beer Company

Non-barrel aged adjunct beers (saccharomyces only, no brett or bugs):

29. Fruit Beer

30. Spiced Beer

34B. Mixed Style Beer

34C. Experimental Beer


Stone Hollow Brewing Company

All the British Isles stuff:

11. British Bitter

12. Pale Commonwealth Beer

13. Brown British Beer

14. Scottish Ale

15. Irish Beer

16. Dark British Beer


Category numbers’ source: The 2015 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines.

To register your beer in the 2021 Sower’s Cup contest, head on over to


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