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Past Blog Entries

President: Jason McLaughlin
Treasurer: Terry “Schwimbo” Schwimmer
Website & Newsletter Production Team:
Kim Theesen, Brian Allison & Chris Evans

The Full Alphabetical Listing:

Brian & Janet Allison
Mark Beatty
Grant Brower
Ryan Cairns
Bob Catherall
Lash Chaffin
Jason Davis
John Doona
Chris Evans
Wayne Faris
Gabe Fejfar
Doug Finke
James Gilmore
Brian Haas
Dave Hoage
Brian Hoesing
Jim Hust
Steve Kiene
Dan Kinseth
Mitch Larsen
Brian Marcov
Jason McLaughlin
Dave Meister
Tim Oehlerking
Dave Oenbring
Brad Okamoto
Rich Reichenbach
Chris Rubeiz
Scott Schneider
Terry Schwimmer
Gregg Stearns
Matt Stinchfield
Shawn Suhr
Roger Stortenbecker
John Tennity
Kim Theesen
Tim Thomssen
Erik Waiss
Britt Weiser
Kelly Wood

These members are current for the 2011 calendar year. If your name is not on this list, be sure to talk to the treasurer at the next club meeting to pay your 2011 dues.

You can also pay your Lincoln Lagers dues ONLINE by using the PayPal button below. However, you’ll need to chip in a few extra pennies to cover the transaction processing fees. We’re made of grains and hops, but not money!

But I’ve never belonged to the club! How does a brand new member join???

Well, if you want to, you can use the PayPal link above, and make certain that you put LOTS OF INFORMATION into the checkout page so that we can truly know who just paid us to join up!

Otherwise, the EASIEST way to join the club is to COME TO OUR NEXT MEETING. Go back to the home page of the blog, and look at where and when we will be meeting next! Bring cash or a check for our esteemed Treasurer Terry Schwimmer to tender.

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