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Hi Folks!

The new site is slowly taking shape! So far, I’ve got the blog and forum both created, and the main frameset page put together.

I still need to fine-tune the navigation bar in the above header, and also, keep transferring files from the old server space. Until then, most of the Navigate: links above aren’t going to work.

Feel free to visit the new forum – it’s currently empty, I’m looking into whether we can migrate our old threads or not. You will need to create a new forum account, but that should only take a moment.

In the meantime, if you see anything that is drastically out of place, please tell me. Thanks very much!

10/14: Newsletters is online!

10/15: Narrative is online! (History drop-down -> Narrative, OR click “About Lincoln Lagers” under “Pages” in the blog.

10/16: Forum is fixed – bug was not allowing New Threads to be created. Forum Theme is now in place. Custom forum header is in place. Manually transferring the old blog updates is in progress.

Hey Lagers! How’s your summer going? Keeping well hydrated while you brew? Good!

August is a busy month, so I wanted to put a few dates and times up here for your reference!

  • If you want to enter beers to the State Fair, the deadline is August 7th! It’s $5 for each beer that you enter. You can enter by snail-mail or online – see . They will send you labels, then you put the labels onto your clean unmarked 12oz bottles of homebrew, and take them in!
  • If you want to judge or steward for the beer contest at the State Fair, you need to call Frank S. at Fermenters’ Supply to register. The judging is Saturday August 16th, and if you register to help, Frank requests that you be there by 8:30am SHARP. Thanks for your promptness.
  • The 2008 Lincoln Lagers Picnic is Saturday, August 16th, in the afternoon/evening, at Steve O’s house. Address and directions will be in the upcoming newsletter, which should be out shortly after August 3rd or 4th. Watch the newsletter for more details! Come hungry, bring homebrew!
  • The September 2008 meeting will be the Lincoln Lagers’ Brewing Challenge. (Date/Time TBA, watch the newsletter.) Most of those who are entering this challenge already have beer in the fermenter, getting ready to enter. If you want to get in, you still have just enough time! Go see the Forum for details and rules, and Kirk’s Brew to buy your entry kit!
  • OktoBEERfest is Thursday October 9th, at the Lancaster Event Center at 84th and Havelock. Proceeds from this event benefit the Stroke Foundation. The Modern Monks will have a booth there too. We need both volunteers and beer donations! Steve says volunteers need to be available around 4:00pm to help set up, if possible.

    If you want to brew 5 gallons to send to the event, or if you just want to hang out and serve beer, talk to Steve O and get on the list. You can find him on the forum, or at the August picnic!

We’ve completed tasting, scoring and discussion.  Our 10 finalists are:
Bryon Belding
Jim Ancioux
Josh Hammonds
Ryan Schweitzer
Mark Beatty
Brendan McGinn
Terry Schwimmer
Dave Hoag
Curtis Schanase
Jason Keel

From last Saturday at BBQ4U, here’s some information on upcoming meetings:

  • June 5th, 7:30pm – Bread & Cup
  • July TBA (10th or 12th) – Madsen’s / EJ’s Lounge
  • August 16th – Annual Lagers’ Picnic, hosted by Steve O.
  • September TBA (4th or 6th) – Lincoln Lagers’ Brewing Challenge!, hosted by Jim H.

If you aren’t “in” on the Brewing Challenge details, go look in the forum, or click here. (Requires the password for the “secret forum”)

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