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The next gathering of the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club will take place via Zoom.

Date: Thursday, June 3, 2021
Time: 6:00 p.m. for the social hour with meeting starting at 7 p.m.
Join: The Zoom meeting by clicking here!
Meeting ID: 215 461 6720, Passcode: L@gers21

AGENDA: Featured speaker and topic TBD. In addition, we’ll discuss the calendar and upcoming homebrewing opportunities. In July, we’ll actually be drinking homebrew together in one place! Yep! Back to The Happy Raven!

BIG NEWS! Put it on your calendar now! We will be hosting our first in-person club meeting since last year on Thursday, July 8, 2021, at the Happy Raven. Bring plenty of homebrew to share with your fellow club members, be ready to introduce yourself to new faces, and bring a couple of bucks for the return of the “50/50” drawing. New members: What’s the “50/50”? We sell tickets for $1 each and then split the pot with 50% to you and 50% to the house. Fun!


MEMBERSHIP: You want to get in on a bunch of exciting homebrew opportunities this year? Well, don’t forget to pay your dues! Click here. Yes, we know. it might still say “2020” at the top. Scroll down past the members list and you’ll see the PayPal business. 

IMPERIAL YEAST: If you ordered some, it’s ready to pick up at Kirk’s. Go get it.

BIG BREW 2021: A big thank you to Matt Gohring and Code Brewing for providing wort for this year’s Big Brew. Nineteen brewers brewed 130 gallons on Saturday, May 1.We are working out the details to do a little social gathering and Big Brew Brown Ale tasting in the brewery on Thursday, June 17. Matt was kicking around the idea of a scale up, if our most popular homebrewer brew matches up with Matt’s palate and plans. Watch Facebook and the website for more details.

CRAWFISH BOIL 2021: Erik Waiss and Turbine Flats are trying to get a count for participants in the Crawfish Boil. The current count includes Amey Patwardhan, Brad Brown, Levi Viter, Claude Denn and Adam Johnson wanting to contribute a beer. There is a prize for the winning beer. The event is Friday, June 25, so you have a few weeks to make a beer for it. Everyone who participates this year gets a free t-shirt. More details about prizes for brewers to come.
From Erik: “Time for me to lay out what I know, and what The Flats is planning. Like previous years there will be an offering of malt to all entries. The competition is two-fold: first is the judges choice and then the people’s choice. Prizes will be furnished to each. You do not need to be present to serve your beer, but why would you miss out on eating all these mudbugs!?!

“Ideally we’d like to see lighter ABVs, say 5.5% and below. The intent is to have a nice, low-pressure public offering with rewards (both free food and the clout of being a winner). I hope to procure grain and bag it up and then coordinate with Patrick to determine the best place and time to distribute a barley incentive. There are kegerators/taps at The Flats. We’re assessing and cleaning after a year of down-time. Depending on the number of entries, we may ask kindly for the use of the Lager’s tap tower as well.”

“The Turbine Flats Crawfish Boil is a community celebration involving crawfish, friends and live music. No need to go to Louisiana – we’ve got you covered! Turbine Flats will prepare over 300 pounds of the seafood that doesn’t come from the sea, along with corn, potatoes and cornbread. This is our biggest event of the year to celebrate our entrepreneurial friends and their families. There’s no cover, just show up with an empty stomach. Turbine Flats gladly volunteers their time to oversee the annual festival. While we don’t charge admission, we ask that you consider donating to our non-profit MakeShift either prior to, or at the event.”

COMBO BREW? From the South Omaha SOBs’ Bernie Doerr: “Hello Lagers. The South Omaha Brewers would like to do a combined brew event with you in Lincoln this summer. We are thinking about a pro-am event at a brewery. We have started looking for a host but wanted to know if you are interested.” Details on this are still in the works. Hopefully more to come…

BREWERS IN ARMS? We are planning the next intra-club contest and plan to buy at least some of the ingredients for our members. That is, if you have paid your dues for the year. Details TBD. (The link for membership renewal is up a few lines. Renew it!)

THE SHOOT-OUT: A friendly reminder from your president: As you plan out your brewing schedule for the year consider making one of the styles for the 2021 Nebraska Shoot-Out. To avoid conflict any major craft beer/home brewing events scheduled this spring, it is scheduled for Sunday, July 31.

The styles for the competition (and subcategories) are as follows: 02. International Lager (2B, 2C), 18. Pale American Beer (18B), 29. Fruit Beer (all subcategories), 33. Wood Beer (all subcategories)
Fun/bonus category: 4 Things. This is any style beer, brewed using four adjuncts.

KEGS FOR THE CURE: Participate in the 12th annual Kegs for the Cure, scheduled to take place on Aug. 6, 2021, at Cosmic Eye Brewing Company.  “Kegs for the Cure was founded to raise money for a worthy cause in a relaxed environment. Drink beer, eat snacks and be merry all while supporting a great cause: The American Cancer Society. We are excited to share the talents of many homebrewers. The event rallies together family and friends to provide support for those directly affected by cancer and those who provide support. All donations are contributed to The American Cancer Society. Contact Gordon Coke at for more information and details.”

CLUB PICNIC: Tim Thommsen is liking the idea of reviving the annual club pot-luck picnic with actual people gathering together having fun and beer! Keep your eye on the calendar for something to take place in late August or early September.

ZIPLINE BREWING Co: These guys posted a job, looking for an associate brewer. Anybody here apply?

Next meeting is scheduled for Thurs., July 8, 2021, at the Happy Raven! Note: So as not to conflict with your Independence Day plans, we’re meeting on the SECOND Thursday of July. Be safe! Watch others blow up stuff while you sit back and enjoy a tasty homebrew. Cheers!

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