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(Sorry for the late notice this month, I've been under the weather and running behind on projects! 
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December Meeting at Lee’s Chicken

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 – mingle at 6:30 – meeting at 7:30pm
Oz & Jan’s Famous Lee’s Chicken, 1940 W. Van Dorn Ave.

If you have a Beer Gun or other gadget that you have been using to fill bottles from a keg, please bring it to the meeting and join in the discussion of good ways to do this.
Tim Thomssen will lead our monthly Tech Talk discussion by exploring how to fill your glass bottles for homebrew competitions.  We would like to know how other members do this as well, please join in the discussion with us!
We will get together around 6:30pm to order food, chow down, and mingle. Then we will plan to begin the Club Business and Tech Talk portion of the night at 7:30pm sharp.

Agenda items include:
– Welcome, new members!
– Thank you to the 2014 Officers for your service!
– About the 2015 Election held at January’s meeting…
– 2015 Bus Trip!! Announcement – Tickets not yet on sale.
– 2nd Annual Sower’s Cup Save-The-Date: Committees sign up is coming soon!
– Sign-ups now OPEN! for booth at 2015 Winterfest Ales & Auction (Sat. 1/31)
– Sign-ups now OPEN! for booth at 2015 Beertopia Extreme Beerfest (Sat. 2/21)
– Competition reminders:
— Brew your beers for Nebraska Shootout soon! Your Lagers & Sours should probably already be in progress! Refine that Session IPA recipe now!
 Spring competitions are around the corner! Champion of the Pint, Benson Home Brew Off, IBU Open are all before Easter 2015.

January Club Meeting

Saturday, January 10th, 2015 – 6-9pm
Hosted by The Allisons, 2500 S. 78th St.

Agenda includes:
– 2015 Lincoln Lagers Officers Election
– Spring Club Calendar Preview
– Status Report from the “Brewers In Arms” Project Teams
– Events Coordinator Update:
—Last chance for Winterfest Ales & Auction booth (Sat. 1/31)
—Sign-ups for Extreme Beerfest homebrew booth (Sat. 2/21)
– Spring Homebrew Competitions Update:
—Feb. 7, Champion Of The Pint, entries rcvd by 1/23/15!!
—Feb. 15, Benson Home Brewoff, entries rcvd by 1/31/15!!
—Mar. 28, IBU Open, entries rcvd by (tbd)
—April TBD, Nebraska Shootout, the Lagers are host club this year.

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