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Edit: The event was a blast, everything went really well!! Check out our photos here:

The Lincoln Lagers are excited to serve a selection of our home-brewed beers to the public at the Great Nebraska Beer Fest, this coming Saturday, August 25, 2012! 

This Saturday, August 25, 2012 – the Lincoln Lagers will be serving our beer at the Great Nebraska Beer Festival!

Lincoln Lagers Beer List:

Too Rye Ay American Rye Ale
5.0 % ABV – 20 IBU – brewed by Brian Hoesing

A light, easy drinking ale that even Poor Old Jonny Ray or Eileen would enjoy. Bready, spicy rye notes are complemented by the citrus, passion fruit, mango,and other tropical notes from hops from the Down Under for a refreshing dry finish in the hot summer sun.

Full Nelson American Pale Ale
5.5 % ABV – 20 IBU – brewed by Brian Hoesing

A crisp, clean hop forward American-style Pale Ale with a twist: Nelson Sauvin hops! This unique hop offers a unique flavor profile of crushed gooseberries, melon, and white wine fruitiness. There is no other hop like it!

 Black Sunshine Black Rye IPA
7.6 % ABV – 80  IBU – brewed by Brian Hoesing

Is it a Black IPA? India Black Ale? American Black Ale? No matter what you call it, this hop-forward ale looks like a black as midnight like a stout, but with subtle roasted notes, but the nose screams West Coast IPA with rye and massive amounts of Amarillo and Simcoe hop goodness!

 Lil’ Buddha Thaison (Thai-spiced Saison Fusion)
6.0 % ABV – 20 IBU – brewed by Brian Hoesing

A crisp, refreshing, dry golden Belgian-style saison infused with Thai culinary inspiration. Jasmine rice, coconut sugar, Thai basil, ginger, coriander, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass create an aromatic and flavorful cocktail for the senses!

 El Mariachi IPA (West Coast IPA w/ Mango & Mariachi Peppers)
8.0 % ABV – 100+ IBU – brewed by Brian Hoesing

First we took a West Coast inspired IPA with massive amounts of aromatic late hops and infused it with mango. But, we weren’t done there! Next we added some locally grown mariachi peppers, which are big on flavor! Complex, with fruity undertones of melons, and pungent but delicately spicy with a scoville rating in the 500-600 range. The result is a spicy, yet fruity IPA with a perfect balance of flavors!

 Not Your Grandma’s Gooseberry Pie Summer Sour Wit Ale
5.8 % ABV – 22 IBU – brewed by Tim Thomssen

American wheat ale made with Nelson Sauvin hops and tons of fresh gooseberries picked from grandma’s back yard. Expect an unexpected tart flavor that finishes dry, leaving you ready for more. Just like grandma’s gooseberry pie.

 August American Amber Ale
4.0 % ABV – 30 IBU – brewed by Chris Evans

A classic American Amber Ale, hopped using Centennial and Amarillo varieties. The very small dry-hop addition of more Centennial brightens up the palate.

 Citrus Wheat Ale
4.8 % ABV – 35 IBU – brewed by Chris Evans

A basic Wheat Ale recipe, bittered by Galena up front, then notes of Amarillo, Citra, and Sorachi Ace hops. An heaping addition of freshly zested Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit peels at flame-out time make this beer extra-citrusy.

  Breakfast Stout
5.6 % ABV – 47 IBU – brewed by James Ehrman

Chocolate and Coffee accompany 6 grains giving this beer a great depth of flavor. Don’t let the color fool you, this beer is for everyone!

  “The Local” Lavender Wheat
4 % ABV – 35 IBU – brewed by William Powers

A wheat beer featuring local and organic honey & lavender as well as locally sourced wheat. Brewed in the valley of Darby Springs Farm near Ceresco!

Jalapeno Honey Ale
— % ABV – — IBU – brewed by Doug Finke

(no description)

Barrel-Aged Belgian Dubbel
8.0 % ABV – 25 IBU – brewed by Bob Catherall

Brewed using inverted sugar, Dark Candi Syrup, and soft Candi Sugars, then fermented using a Trappist yeast. To further develop the flavor, it was aged in a Balcones Blue Corn Whiskey barrel. This Dubbel marries flavors of raisin, rum, dried fruits, and oak/barrel notes, for a soft mouthfeel with some mild phenolics.

 Bottled Sweet Mead
Brewed by Terry Schwimmer

What more can you say about a sweet mead? This is a clover honey mead brewed with honey from a local bee-keeper in Hickman, NE. It will probably be still, but it may be lightly carbonated, since mead does what mead wants to do.

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