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Reminder #1: THIS SATURDAY is the Lagers Annual Picnic hosted at SteveO’s house. Click here to visit the forum featuring the full story.

Reminder #2: TODAY, at 4pm, the registration will open for the upcoming Lazlo’s/Empyrean Ales’ Beer Quest – featuring the return of the “X-periment-ale” contest. Click “more” to read the letter from Jim at Empyrean Ales, and to see all of the details.


Just a reminder that registration for our next Beer Quest will be posted on our website this afternoon at 4pm (I’m trying to keep you all productive at work today…).
Registration forms and the Schedule of dates can be found on this page:
Important Dates:
Registration Open On: 7/7/10 at 4pm
Registration Closed On: 7/9/10 or when 21 entries have been received
Ingredient Pick up On: 7/15/10
Finished Beer for elimination round due: 9/30/10
Elimination Round: 10/2/10
Beer Quest Public Event: 10/10/10
Beer Specs if you missed my last email are:
Original Gravity: 1.050 – 1.068 (12.5 – 17 degrees Plato)
IBUs: 15 – 80+
Yeast: Ale, Hybrid, Hefe or Wit (no lagers, no bugs, i.e. limited ferment and aging time)
Adjuncts: Yes please.  Any NATURAL fermentable, herbal (legal), vegetable or fruit is welcome
  • WHAT STYLES QUALIFY: These styles, as defined by BJCP fit into our parameters: the ubiquitous Category 23 Specialty Beer
  • As usually we will have a selection of malts and hops to choose from specialty ingredients and yeast are up to you to provide.
I will send another email at 4 this afternoon when the registration goes live.  First 21 complete entries will be excepted.  Fax or emailed entry forms will be accepted.
Jim Engelbart
Production Manager
Empyrean Brewing Co./Telesis-Inc.
Phone: 402-434-5959

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