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This is a placeholder for the new Lincoln Lagers’ website. The old site is not happy, so the new site must go up. Work in progress, check back soon. Also watch for the old Blog posts to start popping up.

Lincoln Lagers Monthly Meeting
Saturday, SeptemBEER 20, 2008
Host: Jim Hust
Forest Lake Estates Clubhouse & Pool
6934 Summerset Ct.

The long awaited, much anticipated LL Challenge will be checking in beers at 4 p.m. The Challenge to commence at 5. Add’l meeting details coming in the next issue of the Brew News…coming soon to your email.

Hey Lagers! How’s your summer going? Keeping well hydrated while you brew? Good!

August is a busy month, so I wanted to put a few dates and times up here for your reference!

  • If you want to enter beers to the State Fair, the deadline is August 7th! It’s $5 for each beer that you enter. You can enter by snail-mail or online – see . They will send you labels, then you put the labels onto your clean unmarked 12oz bottles of homebrew, and take them in!
  • If you want to judge or steward for the beer contest at the State Fair, you need to call Frank S. at Fermenters’ Supply to register. The judging is Saturday August 16th, and if you register to help, Frank requests that you be there by 8:30am SHARP. Thanks for your promptness.
  • The 2008 Lincoln Lagers Picnic is Saturday, August 16th, in the afternoon/evening, at Steve O’s house. Address and directions will be in the upcoming newsletter, which should be out shortly after August 3rd or 4th. Watch the newsletter for more details! Come hungry, bring homebrew!
  • The September 2008 meeting will be the Lincoln Lagers’ Brewing Challenge. (Date/Time TBA, watch the newsletter.) Most of those who are entering this challenge already have beer in the fermenter, getting ready to enter. If you want to get in, you still have just enough time! Go see the Forum for details and rules, and Kirk’s Brew to buy your entry kit!
  • OktoBEERfest is Thursday October 9th, at the Lancaster Event Center at 84th and Havelock. Proceeds from this event benefit the Stroke Foundation. The Modern Monks will have a booth there too. We need both volunteers and beer donations! Steve says volunteers need to be available around 4:00pm to help set up, if possible.

    If you want to brew 5 gallons to send to the event, or if you just want to hang out and serve beer, talk to Steve O and get on the list. You can find him on the forum, or at the August picnic!

We’ve completed tasting, scoring and discussion.  Our 10 finalists are:
Bryon Belding
Jim Ancioux
Josh Hammonds
Ryan Schweitzer
Mark Beatty
Brendan McGinn
Terry Schwimmer
Dave Hoag
Curtis Schanase
Jason Keel

From last Saturday at BBQ4U, here’s some information on upcoming meetings:

  • June 5th, 7:30pm – Bread & Cup
  • July TBA (10th or 12th) – Madsen’s / EJ’s Lounge
  • August 16th – Annual Lagers’ Picnic, hosted by Steve O.
  • September TBA (4th or 6th) – Lincoln Lagers’ Brewing Challenge!, hosted by Jim H.

If you aren’t “in” on the Brewing Challenge details, go look in the forum, or click here. (Requires the password for the “secret forum”)

The next LL meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm, Saturday, May 3rd, 2008, at BBQ 4U. The restaurant is located at 1501 Center Park Rd., Suite 100, 464-2152. Take Hwy 2 to S. 14th Street and head south, past Pioneers to Center Park Road. Head east to 1501.

The next Lincoln Lagers Brewing Challenge is set for July. Check out the “For Lagers Only” in the Forum for more details. Full story in the next Brew News newsletter.

The April meeting of the Lincoln Lagers is to be held The April Meeting of the Lincoln Lagers will be held Thursday, April 3rd, 7:00 pm at:
The Clubhouse of El Presidente Hust
Forest Lake Estates
6934 Summerset Ct.

South on 70th past Pioneers Blvd. Turn west on Forest Lake, then north on 69th to Summerset Court. Take a left to the clubhouse.

The club competition is on the agenda. Irish and Scottish ales. Watch this spot for more info.

Bread & Cup
On the Corner of 8th & S in the Haymarket

Thursday at 7:30 pm
March 6, 2008

The Bread & Cup has “an uncomplicated menu in an uncluttered space. Soup created from fresh, basic ingredients instead of a frozen bag. Bread made by a baker who will explain to you the finer points of baking. Wine that makes you contemplate becoming a poet.” And good beer on tap!

Congratulations go out to Mark Beatty for winning yesterday’s Beer Quest Beers of the UK public competition. Mark won with a really tasty Irish Red Ale. It wasn’t easy as both Mitch Larsen’s Summer ESB and Josh Ames’ Oatmeal Stout were in close contention.

See all the scores at

To be honest I believe this is the first Beer Quest where the 2nd place beer actually received more 9 and 10 rankings than the winner. Mark got 332 of his 726 total points from 9 and 10 rankings. Mitch got 387 of his 700 points from 9 and 10 rankings. As we all know total points take the day and Mark received the lowest number of 1 and 2 rankings and the highest number of points from 3 – 8 rankings.

Sorry – I’m just spouting nonsensical numbers, must be an election year! Bottom line any of the 10 finalist beers could’ve won and any of them wouldíve made a great seasonal brew for us.

It just so happens that the only Irish style won the day and it will be tapped just in time for St. Pats on the 17th (if all goes well it will be on tap at Lazlo’s and FireWorks on the 13th of March.) From a marketing standpoint it’s as if the planets have aligned.

Our next Beer Quest WILL be for IPA (hops shortage be damned) – there will be SOME restrictions on variety of hops – at this time I’m unsure but we may have to limit the amount of hops we will provide each brewer – that’s all I’ll say until I’m for sure.

Registration forms for the IPA Beer Quest will be posted on the web Friday afternoon 2/22 and deadline for entry will be Friday 2/29.

Schedule and registration forms will be posted on this page

Thanks to all of you who have helped make this the coolest little beer event between the Mississippi and the Rockies!


Event Date: Sunday, 5/18/08

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