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Happy New Year 2017

Celebrating 24 Years Of Homebrewing In Lincoln, NE!

2017 Club Officers:

President/Vice President – Patrick McCabe
Treasurer – Terry Schwimmer
Secretary – Kristi Eschliman
Events Coordinator – Jeff Anderson
Membership Coordinator – Jeremy Goehring
Newsletter/Website – Steve Colonna
Education Coordinator – Jason McLaughlin
Sower’s Cup Coordinator – Gwyn Evans
Competition/Shipping Organizer – Matt White
Brewers In Arms Director – Chris Evans
Bus Trip Organizer – Kim Theesen & Sam Bates


Brian & Janet Allison
Jeff & Laura Anderson
Henry Bass
Mark Beatty
Rory Berry
Paul Breitkreutz
Camden & Kati Broderick
Bruce Broderson
Brad Brown
Bob Catherall
Victoria Christensen & Tim Dexter
Steve Colonna
Dustin Deisher
Claude Denn & Michelle Byland
James Ehrman & Lisa Pedersen
Ryan & Kristi Eschliman
Chris Evans & Gwyn Evans
Zach Fenton
Doug Finke
Jeremy Goehring
Allan Gossman
Lee Hale Diana
Dave Hoage Cindy
Sean Humphrey
Jim Jacobs
Adam Johnson
Brian Kaiser
Trent & Jennifer Konecky
Nick Langtry
Mitch Larsen
Brian Marcov
Jacob Masek
Patrick McCabe
Jason & Jenny McLaughlin
Jordan & Angela Messerer
Dustin Meyer
Eric Morosic
Jared Mills
Matt Misfeldt
Lucas Mitchell
Gabriel Musolf
Eric & Allison Newgard
Bryce & Angela Nielsen
Jim Novotny
Patrick O’Brien & Kurt Eddy
Tim Oehlerking & Sherry Miller
Dave Oenbring
Steve Olsen
Lacy Philippe
Tom Polacek
Curt Reha
James Ringler
Andrew Schellpeper
Scott Schneider
Terry Schwimmer
Tim Steiner
Shawn Suhr
Carey Taylor
John Tennity
Kim Theesen & Anita Jackson
Tim & Theresa Thomssen
Gene Trausch
Erik Waiss
Matthew Wegener
Quincy Wiens
Britt Weiser
Matt White
Alan Wickman

But I’ve never belonged to the club! How does a brand new member join???

Well, if you want to, you can use the PayPal, and make certain that you put LOTS OF INFORMATION into the checkout page so that we know who just paid us to join up!

Otherwise, the EASIEST way to join the club is to COME TO OUR NEXT MEETING.

Go back to the home page of the blog, and look at where and when we will be meeting next!

When you come to your first meeting, you can bring cash or a check for our esteemed Treasurer Terry Schwimmer to tender.

What do I get by joining?

First and most importantly, whether you pay dues and join the club or you just stop by to meet us and find out what we’re about, you get access to a community of home brewers, mead makers, wine makers, clever Do-it-Yourselfers and innovators. You can learn more about the in-depth science of brewing (We have multiple members who work full time in scientific professions!), or you can talk about recipe formulation, or equipment selection, repurposing, modification, automation, whatever it is that tickles your beer-related fancy!

But, let’s talk about some more tangible benefits for dues-paying members!

Each year we offer some sort of a member premium – in the past, it’s been mostly screen printed T-Shirts, but we’re looking at other possibilities – with the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club logo on them.

You also get discounted pricing for the annual Lincoln Lagers Bus Trip which is a roaring good time for all who attend.

You can enter your homebrew to compete! The Lagers participate in the ongoing AHA Club-Only Competition, and also frequently enter events in the Heartland such as: The Annual Nebraska Shoot-Out Cross-Club Competition, the River City Roundup, the KC Biermeisters Competition, and many more… not to mention OUR VERY OWN competition, The Sower’s Cup.

Finally, you get the satisfaction of supporting a local homebrew club, which in turn is proud to support and promote local beer-related businesses!

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