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2016 Bus Trip – Kansas City!

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2016

Time: Load at 7:30 AM | Departing Lincoln at 7:45 AM | Returning to Lincoln around 9:45 PM
Destination: Kansas City, MO

The following is TENTATIVE INFO – Finalized details will be announced at January Meeting.

Stop #1: Red Crow Brewing Company )
Stop #2: Waldo Pizza (21 taps & lots of bottled beer – )
Waldo is 5 blocks from KCBC – If you’d like to stretch your legs, please feel free to meet us there! Our bus will take anybody else who would rather not hoof it. 
Stop #3: KC Bier Company )
Stop #4: Crane Brewing Company )

Cost: TBD – under $50 – Final details to be announced at January club meeting.
Discount: Club Members may purchase (2) tickets at discounted rate for yourself and a close relative (significant other, child of legal drinking age, parent, sibling, etc.).
Payment Method: Cash, Check accepted at club meetings or on the morning of the bus trip.
(Email us if you would like to pay by PayPal instead.)

Reserving your tickets online will show a $0.00 cost – You will pay us directly. We are only using the Yapsody website to keep track of reservations.
Having trouble with the website? Email Chris and he will reserve your tickets for you.

Only 50 Seats Available! Get ’em while they last!
Reserve Your Bus Trip Seats!

Reserve Seats Now

Red Crow Brewing and Crane Brewing are both founded by former homebrewers & KCBM members – Sound like some folks here in Lincoln that we know? :-)

BONUS ROUND: We are inviting all Kansas City area homebrew club members to join us at each leg of our journey, turning this into one big ole’ Homebrewer Gathering!

Tips for riding the Lincoln Lagers Bus:

  • Consider bringing a reusable tasting cup, whether glass or plastic, to cut down on the number of disposable cups we use. We try to be green about our impact.
  • We take this opportunity to share brews amongst our fellow home brewers. Some of these brews will be strong. Some of them will be ridiculously strong. The bus trip is a time when many of us raid our bottle cellars, pick out rare gems, whether they be oaked, smoked, bugged, soured, or just hopped beyond reason. If you are not careful, you will be drunk sooner than you expect to. Plan ahead. Bring some Tums, some crackers, whatever it is you need to stay on the level.
  • Drink lots of water. Before, Throughout, After.
  • Don’t forget to feed yourself. It’s easy to trick your body into thinking that beer IS food, but you need some solid stuff in you as well.
  • If the bus is filled to capacity, things can get rather, um, “intimate” between us. That means elbows in personal space, occasional smells, etc.
    Consider choosing foods and snacks that won’t become ticking time bombs in your gut, as you don’t want to fumigate your fellow brewers, or to be fumigated by them.
    And likewise, leave the particularly-strong colognes for another day, with better ventilated spaces.
  • “Pack just enough to get by, but bring everything you need.”
    Simple, right? But, consider that space -WILL- be at a premium if we sell out every last one of our tickets. So if all of your bottles fit in your smaller cooler, don’t bring the 120 Qt. fishing trip monstrosity, bring the smaller one instead.
  • Likewise, expect the bus to be equally well-filled on the way back, as all of our souvenirs and take-home beers will fill in the gaps left by the bottles we emptied earlier in the day.
  • You’re welcome to bring a snack to share on the bus ride! Pass it on down the aisle!

And lastly…

  • Drink responsibly, enjoy each others’ company, and have fun!
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