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Join the Lincoln Lagers on Saturday, May 6th at Alpha Brewing Ops.!

We have space for 15 “head brewers” to bring their equipment, grain, hops, & fermenter and come brew with us!
Each head brewer is welcome to bring a couple of assistant brewers to help run their station.

HEAD BREWERS, please fill out the Sign Up Form at to reserve your brew station!

10:30 AM UNLOAD / SET UP then start brewing whenever you’re ready (Registered brewers only!)
3:00 PM – Goal – Finish all clean up & load out.

What to Bring:
Each person will provide their own ingredients & equipment/propane.
Alpha will provide the roof over our heads, ground temp chilling water supply, and floor drain access.
The club will provide hose splitters so that we can run more than one chiller at a time – We need at least a few of you to bring your chiller & hose, and share it with the brewers next to ya!

Snacks to share are welcome! Please bring Chris some pickled eggs or garlic or any other kind of pickles, k?

What to Brew:
We are NOT doing a big “group mash” this year – This is “Bring Your Own Brew”.

The AHA says, ” Thousands of homebrewers from all around the world have more in common than their love for homebrewing. If asked, many of them will tell you that everything you need to learn about brewing great beer at home can be found in one place; How to Brew by John Palmer. For Big Brew this year, the AHA is celebrating the upcoming publication of the 4th edition of How to Brew by providing three sample recipes from the book.

Rushmore IPA:
(All Grain)

See the other two recipes at:

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