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2022 Lincoln Lagers Members

29 Years Strong as Lincoln’s Homebrewing Club!

Club Officers:
President: X
Vice President: Zack Fenton
Secretary: K!m Theesen
Treasurer: Terry Schwimmer
Events Coordinator: x
Membership Coordinator: x
Website & Newsletter Editor: K!m Theesen
Shootout: Patrick McCabe

Club Members:
Scott Andrews
Mark Beatty
Bob Catherall
Jeff Bloom
Paul Breitkreutz
Bob Catherall
James Ehrman
Zach Fenton
Doug Finke
Adam Johnson
Brian Kaiser
Jason Krontz
Jason Larson
Scott Levander
Patrick McCabe
Jason McLaughlin
Jim Novotny
Steve Olsen
Lacy Phillipe
Craig Samek
Terry Schwimmer
Roger Stortenbecker
Kim Theesen
Adam Thimmesch
Tim Thomssen
James Tierney
Brett Walburn
Britt Weiser
Last update: 6/29/2022

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