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July Club Meeting:

Our meeting is NOT on the first Thursday this month. We figured what with all the fireworks you’ll be lighting on that Wednesday, it would be good to give everybody a chance to recover their hearing and grow back fingers before we do any business. So we’ve pushed the meeting back to Thursday, July 12th!

As usual, we’re congregating at The Happy Raven – Show up any time after 6pm, meeting business to be held around 7pm. Please tip your bartender amply for putting up with our shenanigans. Homebrew is allowed in the South room. No commercial brews, please.

This month’s Education topic is Blind Style Comparison presented by Jason McLaughlin.

July’s Intra-Club Competition beer style is Fruit Beers (category 29).  Please sign up HERE to register your entries.
Bring us your bottles by 6:30pm so that we can start judging promptly. Written scoresheets will be returned to you while at the meeting.

Club Merchandise Sales start July 12th!

We will kick off this year’s Club Merch Order at the club meeting on 7/12. We are offering four items this year – A “regular” Lagers Logo t-shirt, a special 25th Anniversary Lagers t-shirt, a Lagers Logo ball cap, and of course, the return of the Work Shirts.

If you can’t attend the meeting, watch for more instructions coming shortly after July 12th. And remember, this year only our NEW club members will get a coupon code to claim one free item – Renewing members will pay for their merch orders, but they pay lower dues as a result!

Brewers In Arms “Keep It 100” Tasting/Social Meet-Up:

Join us on Saturday, July 21st, 3:30-5:00pm, at Screen Ink. for the Summer Brewers In Arms tasting event!

Three teams will go head-to-head pouring their BIA beers – This quarter’s challenge is to “Brew a beer inspired by Centennial IPA and/or Bell’s Two Hearted, using at least 50% Centennial hops in the hop bill. What inspired means is up to each team to decide!” – This should be a pretty fun grab-bag! Judging closes at 4:45pm – Winner to be announced by 5pm!

Your own home-brew is also welcome at the event. We’ll have a designated pouring area off to one side for the BIA beer, and everything else can go on the ‘big table’. Event is open to Lagers Members, Screen Ink employees, and their guest(s).

Brewers In Arms #9: Oktoberfest Party!!

Note: We’re opening sign-up for the Fall BIA Project EARLY!! Register today!

It’s time for the next installment in the Brewers In Arms Project, where we group brewers together into teams and assign them a fun task to complete together, requiring them to combine their ideas, ingredients, equipment, and techniques to brew a unique batch of beer and share it with the club!

Sign Up Here!

This time, the challenge is to brew your favorite beer to pour at an Oktoberfest party (it does NOT have to BE an Oktoberfest/Marzen, though!) – More specifically, to serve at our Club Oktoberfest Party!! We want as many people as possible to participate this time around!!! Hop to it! Sign up ends on Saturday, July 14th.

2018 Lagers Club Picnic Oktoberfest Party!!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 22nd.

Seriously, do it right now. You don’t want to miss this. More details soon.

The Member Deals Program:

If you didn’t receive an email containing your 2018 Member Deals ID Card, contact Chris Evans (chris at lincolnlagers dot com) and he will send it to you! Use your Deals Card for special hook-ups at some of our favorite sponsors around town!


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