2020 Shootout Results


2020 Shootout Cup Champion: HOMEBREWERS LOCAL 402

Best Damn Beer / Rusty Capper winner: Mark Milne/Scott Schemahorn (American Porter with Chocolate Rye), Local 402. Fourth year in a row!

Best Damn Beer
1st Mark Milne/Scott Schemahorn (American Porter with Chocolate Rye), Homebrewers Local 402
2nd Kellen Benes (Imperial Stout with peppers, chocolate, and vanilla), Brick Street Brewers
3rd Mass Summers (Mixed fermentation sour with strawberries and rhubarb),
Brick Street Brewers

Best of Show

1st Brian Koch (Classic Style Smoked: 6C) Homebrewers Local 402

2nd Brian Dort (American Lagert), Homebrewers Local 402

3rd Jeff Schauss (New England IPA), Railroaders Brew Club


01 Standard American Beer

1st Brian Dort (American Lager), Homebrewers Local 402
2nd Zach Fenton (American Light Lager), Lincoln Lagers
3rd Tim Trabold (American Lager), South Omaha Brewers

05 Pale Bitter European Beer
1st Kellen Benes (Kolsch), Brick Street Brewers
2nd Jason Heyne (German Exportbier),
Homebrewers Anonymous
3rd Nick Bernard (German Exportbier), South Omaha Brewers

21 IPA
1st Jeff Schauss (New England IPA), Railroaders brew Club
2nd Justin Caldwell/John Matousek 
(New England IPA), Homebrewers Local 402
3rd Robert Cisar (American IPA), South Omaha Brewers

32 Smoked Beer
1st Brian Koch 
(Classic - 6C), Homebrewers Local 402
2nd Kellen Benes (Classic - 4A),
Brick Street Brewers
3rd Dustin Heins (Classic - Porter), Brick Street Brewers

Nebraska Beer
1st  Tom Mendick (Red IPA with local Columbus and Chinook), Homebrewers Local 402
2nd Kellen Benes (American Pale Ale with Nebraska malt, home-caramelized malt, local hops and spruce tips), Brick Street Brewers
3rd Tom Mendick (Cream ale with Nebraska malt and hops, lapsang tea),
Homebrewers Local 402

1st Brett Walburn, Lincoln Lagers
2nd Nick Bernard, South Omaha Brewers
3rd Tom Mendick, 
Homebrewers Local 402


Club Standings
1st Homebrewers Local 402: 13 points
2nd Brick Street Brewers: 6 points

3rd Railroaders Brew Club: 4 points

South Omaha Brewers: 3 points
Greater Omaha Homebrewers Anonymous: 2 points
Lincoln Lagers: 2 points