2018 Shootout Results


2018 Shootout Cup Champion: BREW MAN GROUP

Best Damn Beer / Rusty Capper winner: Mark Milne/Scott Schemahorn (English Barleywine aged on french oak spirals), Local 402. Second year and running!

Best Damn Beer
1st Mark Milne/Scott Schemahorn (English Barleywine aged on french oak spirals), Homebrewers Local 402
2nd Kellen Benes (English Brown Ale), Brick Street Brewers
3rd Todd Gift (Imperial Bourbon Vanilla Porter), Brauer Unterstutzungs Verein

Best of Show

1st Steven Thedens (Belgian Golden Strong), Brauer Unterstuzungs Verein


03 Czech Lager
1st Jim Anciaux (Czech Pale), Brew Man Group
2nd Kellan Stec (Czech Dark), Railroaders Brew Club
3rd Kellen Benes (Czech Amber), Brick Street Brewers

14/17C Scottish beer
1st Bob Catherall (Wee Heavy), Lincoln Lagers
2nd Dustin Heins (Scottish Heavy), Brick Street Brewers
3rd Bryon Belding (Scottish heavy), Brew Man Group

19 American Amber and Brown
1st Jeff Vanek/Aaron Carnes (American Brown), Brew Man Group
2nd Nolan Gaskill (American Amber), Railroaders Brew Club
3rd Doug Finke (California Common), Lincoln Lagers

25 Strong Belgian Ale
1st Steven Thedens (Belgian Golden Strong), Brauer Unterstutsungs Verein
2nd David Vandermeulen (Saison), Railroaders brew Club
3rd Jason Heyne (Saison), Greater Omaha Homebrewers Anonymous

1st Nolan Gaskill (American Amber; Red-X and Simcoe), Railroaders Brew Club
2nd Bryan Dort (??), Homebrewers Local 402
3rd Lason McLaughlin/Scott Andrews/Jacob Smiley (??), Lincoln Lagers


Club Standings
1st Brew Man Group: 7 points 
2nd Brauer Unterstutsungs Verein: 6 points 
3rd Railroaders Brew Club: 6 points

Lincoln Lagers: 4 points
Brick Street Brewers: 3 points
Greater Omaha Homebrewers Anonymous: 1 Point
Elkhorn Valley Society of Brewers: 0 points
Homebrewers Local 402: 0 points
Omahops: 0 points
Kearney Area Brewers: 0 points
South Omaha Brewers: 0 Points