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April’s meeting will be held at Blue Blood Brewing Co.!

Thursday, April 5, 2012 – Located at 500 W. South St

More information will be posted here and in the forum in the near future. You can stop by Blue Blood Brewing’s Web Site to stay entertained until then!

Big Brew 2012 Status Update:

Get ready for the Big Brew 2012 which will take place on May 5th,2012.

The AHA recipes have been posted here (Bucksnort American Brown Ale) and here (Ardley Northern English Brown Ale), the Lincoln Lagers still need to decide which recipe we will be brewing.

Lincoln Lagers’ Club Entries for the Nebraska Shoot-Out:

Club-round judging will take place on the evening of March 31st, 2012. More details specific to the Lagers’ Club Entries will be posted soon.

Details about the event as-a-whole can be found at this page:

One of our Lagers members,500ml Pyrex beaker of stout Erik Newgard, is looking for people willing to be trained as an American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) Tasting Panel. His goal is a reliable tasting group of 20-30 individuals. Hopefully this experiment will provide some valuable experience that will improve all of our abilities to taste qualitatively and quantitatively.

Initial time commitment is a few hours in February for screening, and a couple of hours in Mid-March. (Ideally, the members of this panel might be available on a semi-permanent basis for more scientific tastings in the future, so that a new panel does not need to be re-created every time.) For more information, visit This Thread In The Members Only Forum – or if you cannot access that thread, you can send Erik a PM. Deadline is approximately Feb 12th.

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