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The Sower’s Cup Sponsors

The Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club owe our deepest gratitude to all of the breweries, merchandisers, local businesses and individuals that contributed their support to The Sower’s Cup Homebrew Competition. 

We could not have done this without you all!!


Hosting Venue Sponsor:

Ploughshare Brewing Company, Lincoln, NE


The Nebraska Brewing Company “Sower’s Cup”
Award for Best Of Show – Beer:

Nebraska Brewing Company, Papillion/LaVista, NE


The Moonstruck Meadery “Golden Honey Dipper”
Award for Best Of Show – Mead:

Moonstruck Meadery, Bellevue, NE


Commemorative Glassware Sponsor:

Empyrean Brewing Company, Lincoln, NE



Special “Anything Red” Contest Sponsor:

Fermenter’s Supply, Omaha, NE




Beer Category Sponsors:

Cat. 1 – Light Lager sponsored by: Moran’s Liquor Works
Cat. 2 – Pilsner sponsored by: Borgata Brewery & Distillery
Cat. 3 – European Amber Lager sponsored by: Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.
Cat. 4 – Dark Lager sponsored by: Moran’s Liquor Works
Cat. 5 – Bock sponsored by: JaDeD Brewing

Cat. 6 – Light Hybrid Beer sponsored by: Moran’s Liquor Works
Cat. 7 – Amber Hybrid Beer sponsored by: Moran’s Liquor Works
Cat. 8 – English Pale Ale sponsored by: Scriptown Brewing Co.
Cat. 9 – Scottish and Irish Ale sponsored by: Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery
Cat. 10 – American Ale sponsored by: Rhynalds Hop Growers

Cat. 11 – English Brown Ale sponsored by: Broken Robot Brewing Co.
Cat. 12 – Porter sponsored by: Infusion Brewing Co.
Cat. 13 – Stout sponsored by: Duffin Knudsen Hop Growers
Cat. 14 – India Pale Ale sponsored by: Rhynalds Hop Growers
Cat. 15 – German Wheat and Rye Beer sponsored by: JaDeD Brewing

Cat. 16 – Belgian and French Ale sponsored by: Scriptown Brewing Co.
Cat. 17 – Sour Ale sponsored by: In Memory of Sloane Peterson
Cat. 18 – Belgian Strong Ale sponsored by: Special Tee Remodeling
Cat. 19 – Strong Ale sponsored by: Lagunitas Brewing Co. and K & Z Distributing
Cat. 20 – Fruit Beer sponsored by: Founders Brewing Co. and K & Z Distributing

Cat. 21 – Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer sponsored by: Benson Brewery
Cat. 22 – Smoke-Flavored/Wood-Aged Beer sponsored by: Minerva Brewing
Cat. 23 – Specialty Beer sponsored by: K & Z Distributing

Mead & Cider Category Sponsors:

Cat. 24 – Traditional Mead sponsored by: Wamstad+Evans
Cat. 25 – Melomel (Fruit Mead) sponsored by: Wamstad+Evans
Cat. 26 – Other Mead sponsored by: Wamstad+Evans

Cat. 27 – Standard Cider and Perry sponsored by: Wamstad+Evans
Cat. 28 – Specialty Cider and Perry sponsored by: Wamstad+Evans



Organizing Sponsors

1-PloughshareBrew-logo Moonstruck Zipline_180px
EmpyreanBrewingCompanyLogo FermentersSupply MoransLiquorWorks



BJCP Category Sponsors


Borgata_Brew_2 FermentersSupply Benson_Brewery In memory of Sloane Peterson
luckybucket DK_Logo_horizontal-01
lagunitas-logo TiltedKiltLincoln_1 FoundersBrewingCo
MoransLiquorWorks RhynaldsHops-2


Conical Level Supporters

CascadeBeerCandi Indie_Hops



Ale Pail Level Supporters

patriot-hb-500px BYO_Mag_Color 
Wyeast_logo Williams_Brewing WhiteLabsYeast ThunderheadBrewing 1-PloughshareBrew-logo-4C

Surly_2 Scratchtown_Brew PartyPigLogo  MoransLiquorWorks Siebel_Institute_bw_round

YakimaValleyHops_2 Beertopia

Blichmann Engineering  FarmhouseBrewSupply

BrewersBest Spirit_World TiltedKiltLincoln_1 KirksBrew-logo

21st-Amendment-logo_small FoundersBrewingCo Deschutes_Brewery_whi_bk Homebrewmart_BallastPoint Candi_Syrup_LG

freshops-logo GrogTag_2 Lagunitas_rectangle_small HomeBrewStuff_2 Borgata_Brew_2
ModernMonks BeerSmith AHAssociation CBandBMagazine

Infusion_Brew_1 CornhuskerBeverageBridal_small UpstreamBrewing_small TheYeastBay

crowpeak510383_large DK_hop_farms_ROUND FarnamHouse_Beer2 zipline-brewing2



Thanks for sponsoring our Friday Night Pretzel Bar!
Moran’s Liquor Works



Thanks for sponsoring our Saturday Lunch!
Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.


Thanks for sponsoring discounted tickets for volunteers at our 3-Course Beer Pairing Banquet Dinner!
Zipline Brewing Co.



Want to help sponsor The Sower’s Cup?

All of our categories are full, but we will need help again next year! If you are interested in partnering with us in 2015 – please email to get the ball rolling today!

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Click here to access the Registration Site.

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