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The inaugural Capital City Oktoberfest (CCO) – a Lincoln celebration of community and beer – takes place on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 7 & 8, at the Gatweay Mall. After the recent change in the state laws, this will be our first opportunity to serve homebrewed beer to the public. The Lincoln Lagers will be there and we need your cooperation!

From the Start: The CCO would like five gallons of homebrewed beer (preferably a German style) for the opening “Ceremonial Tapping.” We will get some publicity, note the return of homebrew to public events, and kickoff the event. At the August meeting, Doug Finke volunteered to brew a German beer for this request. Thank you, Doug!

Brew Demo: The organizers would like the Lincoln Lagers to provide a brewing demonstration. We will brew five gallons of beer per day (maybe ten, depending on setup and the brewers involved). One or two brewers would brew their choice of beer with one or two additional volunteers answering questions of the attendees. On Saturday, the brewing session starts after the ceremonial first tapping and will start at noon on Sunday.

Ice and Electricity: There will be no access to running water, so we’ll have to bring our own for chilling. The CCO will provide ice, so in addition to keeping our homebrew cold, we’ll use that for chilling. They will provide generators for electricity; we’ll need to bring a pump circulate ice water for the chilling.

Serving Homebrew: The Lagers will provide at least two or three five-gallon kegs of beer with two servers per day who would be in charge of serving small samples/tasters. The sampling schedule is to be determined. We will NOT be continuously pouring our homebrew, and not accepting tickets in exchange for beer. We will not be using the tap tower for this; picnic taps will be sufficient.

Volunteering: For each volunteer or five-gallon donation, the CCO will wave the entry fee and provide beer and food tickets. If we have more member volunteers than we need and you still want to be part of this exciting event, there are lots of opportunities available to help. Click here and sign up!

More Info: If you want to volunteer or need more information, please contact Kim Theesen or Lacy Phillipe.

Click here for the official Oktoberfest website.

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