Upcoming Nebraska Shootout

2022 Shootout Information:

Hosted by:   Homebrewers Anonymous (Omaha, NE)

Judging Location: Monolithic Brewing Company

Judging date: July 30th

Registration/Dropoff: TBD

Dropoff Sites: TBD

Facebook Page:


Official 2022 Shootout Page & Registration Portal:



Beer Styles:

We have selected four beer styles (BJCP 2015 Guidelines) eligible to earn Shootout Cup points and advance to Best Of Show:

01 American Standard Beer  
03 Czech Lager  
14 Scottish Ale   
26 Trappist Ale  

We have also selected two experimental styles, which is not eligible for Cup Points or BOS Round.

Alternative Fermentables Beer



Also not eligible for Cup points or for BOS Round:

  • Best Damn Beer - open category, for tie-breaker, bragging rights & Rusty Capper Trophy

Judging Procedures:

1. Club Round:

Entries will be submitted to your local club first -- each club will judge their entries and choose which beers will advance into the Shoot-Out Competition.
Each club may enter TWO beers per major Category, plus 2 beers for Best Damn beer (any BJCP category is accepted). 
Refer to your homebrew club for your local judging session date & time.

2. Shootout Round:


Entries that advance to the Competition need to be submitted to the participating club by the deadline provided. 
Submit (2) 12oz unmarked bottles per entry, with a BJCP Entry Form attached to each bottle by rubber bands only. (No tape please)

The entry fee is $8.00 for each beer.
Each homebrew club may write a single check for all entries. (No separate checks needed.)


We need judges for beer, plus stewarding volunteers to help us run the event. Register at the shootout website.


2023 Shootout Information:

Lincoln Lagers are up next unless there is another volunteer