About the Shootout: "Nebraska's Inter-Club Homebrew Contest"

The Nebraska Shootout is an annual homebrew contest between all of the homebrewing clubs and beer-brewing social organizations within Nebraska.

Its purpose is to further the reputation of homebrewing in Nebraska by fostering innovation, consistency and creativity in our beer; educate brewers of beer styles that may otherwise be overlooked or unappreciated; offer education and experience, participating within a BJCP-style judging process; and promote brewing the absolutely best-tasting beer that you can!

2024 Shootout Information

Next year's event will be in Omaha and the host club will be the Homebrewers Local 402. Exact dates and locations TBA.
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To the best of our recollection, the Shootout began in 2001 as the "Nebraska Inter-Club Competition," and was rechristened as the "Nebraska Shootout" in 2002. In its early stages, the Shootout was a contest held between members of the Omahops and Lincoln Lagers homebrew clubs. With a little digging, we have managed to locate - we think! - all of the previous judging results.

The contest went dormant after the 2006 judging took place, but was revived in 2010 after a four-year hiatus. Upon its return, homebrew clubs scattered across the state began sharing in our competitive conquests.

The Shootout is a roaming competition, typically organized and hosted by a different club each year, but the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club is pleased to provide this webspace to assist in documenting our victories and defeats for reference in later years.

Participating Clubs

For more information about joining a club, please contact any of the following organizations:

To find additional information on homebrew clubs in the state of Nebraska, you can also visit the AHA website.

Any homebrew club in Nebraska is invited to participate in the Nebraska Shootout. To sign up, contact the representative on the "Next Nebraska Shootout" page.

Kudos / Credits

Tremendous thanks go to Lash C. (Lincoln Lagers), Duane M. (Omahops), and Jason McL. (Lincoln Lagers & Nebraska Beer Blog), for locating and contributing the past judging results to this project. 

We also owe thanks to Kim T. (Lincoln Lagers) for maintaining the Shootout website and to the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club for donating their hosting and bandwidth.

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