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Presenting the inaugural iteration of the…


Ploughshare Brewing Co. “No Workaround Decoction”

GABF Pro-Am Contest!

The winner gets to brew a full scale batch of their beer on Ploughshare’s gorgeously sexy Criveller Brewing Group brewhouse, custom engineered to handle any and all decoction schedules that you can throw at it! (Yeah, buddy, we’re making it a true challenge! So sharpen your pencil, mash in your grains, and start decocting!)

The BJCP categories accepted for this contest are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, and 22A.

The terms and conditions are:

1) you must brew the recipe using decoction mashing technique (cereal mashing, single, or double decoction)
2) you must provide your detailed recipe and mash/decoction schedule to Ploughshare prior to re-brewing your beer with them
3) Ploughshare will brew a 15-bbl scale-up batch of your winning recipe and mash schedule
4) brewing session will take place sometime between January and March 2016
5) Ploughshare will supply ingredients and labor to brew your scale-up batch, but unfortunately at this time, travel and accommodations for the winning brewer are on their own dime
6) the scaled-up version of the winning beer will be entered in the 2016 Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am competition*
*Due to the fact that the Brewing Association accepts GABF Pro-Am entries on a first-come basis, we are unable to guarantee entry into GABF, but we are 99.99% sure it’ll happen.

To enter your beer in this contest, head on over to:

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