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The next gathering of the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club will take place via Zoom.
Date: Thursday, April 1, 2021
Time: 6:00 p.m. for the social hour with meeting starting at 7 p.m.
Join: The Zoom meeting by clicking here!

Agenda: In addition to our usual business, veteran homebrewer John J. Palmer is a respected brewer, author and speaker in homebrewing circles. His years of hands-on experience, combined with in-depth knowledge helps homebrewers consistently make great beers. Mr. Palmer’s talk with the club will focus on water and its role in the brewing process.

What’s Brewin’?! 

Membership: You want to get in on a bunch of exciting homebrew opportunities this year? Well, don’t forget to pay your dues. Click here. Yes, we know. it might still say “2020” at the top. Scroll down past the members list and you’ll see the PayPal business. Our web techs are workin’ ’round the clock and it will be up-to-date real soon! Dude, trust me.

The club has contacted Code Brewing about providing wort for the Big Brew on Saturday, May 1. Hopefully it’s warm by then, so some people can brew outside at a distance, if you feel comfortable with that. Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet and discussion of styles at the April meeting.

From the South Omaha SOBs’ Bernie Doerr: “Hello Lagers. The South Omaha Brewers would like to do a combined brew event with you in Lincoln this summer. We are thinking about a pro-am event at a brewery. We have started looking for a host but wanted to know if you are interested.” Are we interested? I think we are, however, we’re going to need some support from the membership. Who would like to volunteer to help with this group event?

We are planning the next intra-club contest and plan to buy at least some of the ingredients for our members. That is, if you have paid your dues for the year. Details TBD. (The link for membership renewal is up a few lines. Renew it!)

A friendly reminder from your president: As you plan out your brewing schedule for the year consider making one of the styles for the 2021 Nebraska Shootout. To avoid conflict any major craft beer/home brewing events scheduled this spring, it is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 31.

The styles for the competition (and subcategories) are as follows:
02. International Lager (2B, 2C)
18. Pale American Beer (18B)
29. Fruit Beer (all subcategories)
33. Wood Beer (all subcategories)
Fun/bonus category: 4 Things. This is any style beer, brewed using four adjuncts.

Here are March Wheel Winners! Backswing: Jim Novotny, Boiler: Quincy Wiens, Code: Adam Johnson, Cosmic Eye: James Ehrman, Empyrean: Paul Breikreutz, Happy Raven: Steve Olsen, Kinkaider: Jeremy Goehring, Catalyst/Local: Lacy Phillipe, Moran’s: Jason Krontz, Pour: Zach Fenton, White Elm: Mark Beatty, Zipline: Roger Stortenbecker

Next meeting is scheduled for Thurs., May 6, 2021. Drew & Denny will be our featured guests.

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