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Our next monthly meeting of the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club will take place via Zoom. Yep. Virtual. One more time, y’all.

Date: Oct. 1, 2020, Time: 6:00 p.m. for the social hour, 7:00 p.m. for the business.

Join the Zoom meeting with the password in the Octobeer Brewsletter. You know how to find the Brewsletter by now, right? Up to your left, you’ll see About Us. Click on that and then select eNewsletter Archive. You’ll end up on the latest collection of Brewsletters. Click on the one on top and you’ll find the Zoom link. Got it?!
While you’re thinkin’ about it, why don’t you sign up for the Lincoln Lagers Brewsletter and get your very own copy! Yeah. Well, all the cool homebrewers are doing it. Come on! Do it! Click here!

For the Octobeer club meeting, we will be joined by club member Levi Viter and his brewing partner Todd Booher who will lead the discussion on how to make low-ABV homebrew. Many of us enjoy session brew and love enjoying multiple pints; Levi and Todd take it to the next level and they’re going to share some techniques with us. Check it out on Thursday evening!


The details are coming together for the Club-only 2020 Edition of the Sower’s Cup. Our normal club-sponsored comp has been postponed due to the virus, however, the Lagers are hosting an event where the only requirement is for you to use Imperial Yeast for your fermentation. Kirk (Kirk’s brew and Gifts) still has some limited supplies of Imperial yeasties. So, give him a call. For now, there will be four basic categories: Light, Dark, Hoppy and Wild. Working deadline for entries is Octobeer 31 and judging will take place during the first two weeks of Novembeer. Fun prizes for top finishers. There’s still time to brew, but you better get started ASAP! More details here, on Facebook and the Brewsletter.


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