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The September meeting will be our annual pot luck picnic. This year Steve & Kay Olsen will be hosting again! The date is Saturday, 9/3/2011.

The Husker football game will be showing on the TV and any of our attendees are welcome to start showing up any time after 4PM.  Food will be at 7PM — well after the Huskers game is over!

Forum thread is here:

11 Responses to September Meeting & Annual Picnic

  • Will this be including the ladies mead judging?

  • The same date (and time) as the first Husker game of the year?!?! Boo!

  • I assume that the tradition will continue and there will be a mead judging by the Lady Lagers.

  • Yes we will have mead judging, so if you don’t bring yours I will have a better chance of finally winning. Don’t forget your chairs and maybe a little bug spray. Also we always excel in the “side dishes” that the Lagers and friends bring so just try and top what you brought last year so encase we run out of dogs and burgers we still have something good to eat (especially all you vegans). See ya all Saturday.

  • SteveO also says in the forum, “Looks like those Huskers are back at it on the football field starting around 2:30 so we have decided to put the feed bag on a little later. You are more than welcome anytime after 4pm (if you come earlier you will be put to work doing something) and the football game will be on inside (since I will be watching) and you are welcome to join me. I want to say we will attempt to start eating around 7PM”

    To see the Forum Thread for the September 2011 Picnic, including the address, and maps to Steve’s place, please go here:

  • hey im coming to lincoln on this weekend. any great brew pubs or home brew shops. im a home brewer from fargo nd

  • Joel – Definitely should check out a couple places – Kirk’s Brew is the homebrew supply shop in town – and the Downtown Misty’s location is the brew house for the Modern Monks, an excellent brew group from the area. Also check out Lazlo’s / Empyrean Ales if you’ve never tried their beer before.

  • Don’t forget Jake’s! They usually a new tapping party on Friday nights. Also, Yia Yia’s downtown has a good draft beer line-up as well. Pies and Pints opened recently in the Haymarket. I have not been there yet, but it sounds like they may have a decent beer selection? Or if you are so inclined, stop my the Lagers picnic to drink some local homebrews and talk shop! The directions are located in the forum.

  • So mistys is a brew pub? Never tryed any of them. First time to nebraska ever

  • wow sounds like i could be busy . a picnic huh ? is that in town ?

    is it jakes cigars?

    sounds like some good choices out there

  • Yeah – My mental “list” is out of date! Thanks Brian for filling in the newer offerings!

    Joel – Here is a link to Misty’s: you might want to check out their Happy Hour specials…

    Also Brian is right about Jake’s Cigars, they have a sweet selection of microbrew and import on tap as well as bottled.

    Yia Yias has a huge bottle selection, some good taps, and tasty thin crust pizza.

    I haven’t been to Pies & Pints yet but I saw an article about them in the Daily Nebraskan student rag and they look good … I liked the former Suite One pizza that was there too…

    And of course, I keep forgetting the Lagers Picnic is this weekend! It’d be a great opportunity to meet a TON of homebrewers all in one stop! :)

    Here are a few more links to help you:
    Yia Yias web site appears to have vanished… see this instead /

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